Super 8 (2011)

Partial Plot Summary:
Several kids are making a Super 8 mm movie and witness the crashing of a train. The train belongs to the army and they come in to clean up the mess. Over the course of the next several days, the kids continue making their movie. While there are many things that happen here and there to move the story along, the movie gets rolling when people start to go missing. At some point, this causes Joe Lamb, one of the kids in the movie group, to go to their school where Dr. Woodward, their biology teacher, once taught. They had encountered Dr. Woodward at the site of the train crash and had reason to believe they would find their answer at the school. Sure enough, they uncover the information they need, but are then found and taken by the army.

In a bus, the kids and several soldiers are attacked and the kids manage to escape. From here, they make their next plan of action.

This is a great movie, though I like Star Trek (2009) better. Unfortunately, I was tired and nodded off for a moment during the movie. It was definitely not the movie's fault. I remember doing the same for Shutter Island (2010). I managed to keep my eyes open starting with the scene where the kids are filming at the train station. I remember the one kid seeing the train about to come and he tells everybody to get started, so they're all scrambling to get things set up.

I liked the general atmosphere of the movie. The big events are fun to watch. Fun like the ending of The A-Team (2010).

There was one part of the movie that gave me a shock. Not only did it have entertainment value, but it helped me stay awake.

There's probably lots more to say about the movie, but I'll just finish by saying I like it almost as much as Star Trek (2009).


I'm glad I finally got around to watching this movie again, this time wide awake and able to take in all the details. Unfortunately, while I feel like I enjoyed it more than the last time I watched it, I could say that I still wasn't amazed by the movie. On the one hand, I enjoyed the acting as it felt raw and natural. The story, however, had a strange flow to it, never building the sort of suspense I thought it would bring near the beginning of the movie. From this point of view, the movie was more like Signs (2002). At times it looks to become scary, but in the end it contains at best one or two good moments. In any case, I would return and finish this entry by saying I enjoyed the dialogue and interaction between the kids. I truly thought that part of the movie was well done.

As a side note, the last movie I watched was also directed by J. J. Abrams: Mission: Impossible III (2006).

Instant Comments:
2: Elle Fanning is Dakota Fanning's younger sister. She's born in 1998.
2: That crash at the 18 minute mark of the movie is epic.
2: White Rubik's Cube.
2: Ha. "The focus ring just fell off."
2: She makes for a very convincing zombie.
2: I totally didn't remember the scene where they were doing research on the subject.
2: I think actor Kyle Chandler slightly resembles a younger Alec Baldwin.
2: WTF kind of asshole military takes a kid's necklace.
2: When Donny comes back, I get a good look and he looks familiar. Apparently he's actor David Gallagher, from hit television series 7th Heaven.
2: "He's too stoned!" "Drugs are so bad."
2: I love their reactions: "There's a hole in the wall!" and "I haven't done it yet!"

1: Their completed movie plays during the credits.
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Released 20110610
Watched 20110619 Theatre. Garden Grove [SUPER 8] 10:05PM $5.
Watched 20130703 (Netflix, Instant)
Super 8 (2011) J.J. Abrams. 112 min.

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