Troll 2 (1990)

I was tired, and I fell asleep. Though I didn't mind, because the movie didn't provide me with much entertainment. I didn't mind so much that I didn't mind not watching the credits to the movie. Troll 2 wasn't as bad as The Room (2003). Compared to The Room, the lines in this film were delivered satisfactorily, and the characters were more likable. While the pacing was better than the pacing in The Room, it certainly didn't meet my expectations of the amount of laughs I would get from a movie that's so-bad-it's-funny.

The Room has the advantage of memorable lines. I don't remember any lines worth quoting from Troll 2. There were some funny scenes here and there.

Good scenes:
Skateboard and peeking through the hole in the ceiling.
The corn on a cob scene.
Grandpa Seth with an axe.
You have thirty seconds to figure out how to stop them from eating.
I'm going to tighten my belt.


Watched 20110623 (DVD) (Didn't watch credits)
Troll 2 (1990) Claudio Fragasso. 95 min.

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