Whip It (2009)

This is a super coming-of-age movie. Someone I know said succinctly, "I love that movie!!!!! Ellen Page is awesome!!!!!!!" It wasn't easy counting all the exclamation marks.

The movie has a couple slumps here and there. In particular, Jimmy Fallon's performance was weak. His best part was probably during the end credits. The movie does a great job of building up the right relationships such that key moments in the film just hit it home. I made a similar comment in the "Instant Comments" section of my post on Marley & Me (2008): "while all the parts in the movie on their own were kind of here and there, it really all added up to feeling so much emotion at the end." Only this film has two big moments, and two or three smaller moments. The movie also benefits from the plot giving the audience something to focus on: the Hurl Scouts getting into the championships.

It's hard to say how satisfied I am in terms of how the movie explained the rules of the sport. At some point it became clear that certain bumps are legal and some are illegal. But what are the penalties? I certainly don't make the same questions watching a basketball movie, since I'm fairly clear on most of the rules in basketball. Similarly with football. In the end, I would say the movie did a good job, and that I should invest some time to learn the official rules on my own, but that I thought it was good to bring it up for possible discussion.

I don't know much about directing, but after watching enough movie specials and reading enough Wikipedia articles over the past one or two years, I'd say a director has a heavy influence in how a movie turns out. Under this naive layperson's assumption, I applaud Drew Barrymore's directorial debut.

As I mentioned, the movie isn't perfect, but it's a great movie which will probably leave you with a good feeling in your heart.

Side Remark: The clip that plays during the movie menu is nice and long. It's not exactly obvious when it repeats either. I have a pet peeve for dvd menu audio or video that repeats too often.

Watched Special Features:
Deleted Scenes (I watched them all)
Razor Quits (Long Version)
: Lol the music that's playing when Razor leaves is funny.
Bliss Aks Razor to Come Back (Raw Cut)
: This is an awesome scene.

Instant Comments:
There was a funny line somewhere around 14 minutes, when she first watches the derby or something.
"I can grow the balls."
The movie cover at 58 minutes.
Huh, she didn't use a 555 number.
Lol, Drew Barrymore, "Yeah you could be our mascot."
At 1 hr 25 min, when the Dad speaks those lines for his daughter, its just surprisingly powerful.
The coach sounds like Owen Wilson. [Lol, that's cause he's Owen Wilson's brother, Andrew Wilson]

Watched 20110604 (McNaughton Plan from the Eisenhower Library) (English subtitles)
Whip It (2009) Drew Barrymore. 111 min [botn Derby Girl (2007) by Shauna Cross]

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