The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)

I didn't get into the movie completely at first, mainly because I didn't like the opening credits. The opening scene was alright. But after about the first 10 or 15 minutes, I was laughing at all the on-screen ridiculousness. For example, the pee scene and the scene with the car rolling down the hill.

There's a bunch of great lines. Without ruining the punchline to each scene:
[Jane climbs a ladder]
Frank: Nice beaver!

Jane: I've heard police work is dangerous.
Frank: It is. That's why I carry a big gun.
Jane: Aren't you afraid it might go off accidentally?
Frank: I used to have that problem.

[Drebin searches a drawer]
Frank: Bingo!

Having watched it before, I put this movie on in the background. As before I didn't like the opening credits with the police siren, but I loved just about every other ridiculous thing about the movie. Notable scenes include the scene where Drebin pays off the informant and the scene that starts with him escaping through a window, touching a woman's boobs, and hanging on to his dear life from a statue's penis.

Of the various funny lines, I'll include this one to this list of lines that stand out:
Ed: Doctors say that Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living. Though there's only a 10 percent chance of that.*

*I read this line today (20190508) and it was funny because of what it implies. However, I gave it some extra thought and if the event of Nordberg having a 50/50 chance of living occupies a tenth of the event space, what's the remaining 90%? For example, it could be that he has a seventy percent chance of having an 80% chance of living and an twenty percent chance of having a 10% chance of living. His probability of living would then be .5*.1 + .8*.7 + .1*.2 = .63.

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The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988) David Zucker. 85 min.

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