Rio (2011)

Overall, this movie is good, but not great. Particular parts of the movie are done well. Namely, the music and how cute and beautiful the birds can be. Actually, I thought the movie was a little above good, since I've been slightly exposed to the Brazilian culture through capoeira and so occasionally I would understand various cultural tidbits. Unfortunately, a lot of the jokes ended up flat.

The plot was pretty good. Of course, the basic plot was quite standard: boy and girl are matched, girl doesn't like boy, boy tries to impress girl, girl comes around, girl gets kidnapped, boy saves the day. Movies that follow similar basic plots include Disney's Aladdin (1992), The Princess and the Frog (2009), and Beauty and the Beast (1991).

How does Rio compare to those three movies? Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are both at a different level than Rio musically. Musically The Princess and the Frog was in the style of classic Disney, but didn't quite reach these two classics. Then comes Rio whose music is more current, more cultural, and less in the style of a musical. The use of music in this film reminds me more of the music from Shark Tale (2004). Another difference that Rio has from the mentioned Disney movies and similarity with Shark Tale is that Rio is computer animated.

Related to the theater: I love the theater chairs, because they were easy to lean back on. Bouncing to the music was also fun.

Great Line:
"I have beautiful eyes."

The Voices:
Because of the opening credits I was able to recognize Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement, and George Lopez. I knew which characters were voiced by Anne Hathaway,, and Tracy Morgan, but didn't recognize the voices as belonging to the respective persons. I didn't know Jamie Foxx was Nico until the ending credits. I also didn't know Leslie Mann was Linda, Blu's owner. From IMDb today (20110425) I found out that Wanda Sykes and Jane Lynch voiced the two geese who were mocking Blu in Minnesota.

I definitely know Jamie Foxx,, and Jemaine sang songs for the movie.

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I wrote: "Credits to Rio not shown at all. Rio Rio song." 20110826 1:05 AM


Released 20110415.
Watched 20110424 Theatre. AMC White Marsh [RIO] 7:30 PM $10.50
Watched 20110825 In-flight movie
Rio (2011) Carlos Saldahna. 96 min.

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