The American (2010)

I was satisfied with the movie up until the suspense was killed after George Clooney's character drops off the gun. Up until that moment I had good guesses as to what would happen, but I wanted to be surprised about it. Instead, the movie just plainly reveals it to me.

Aside from that, the very end of the movie was decent. I liked all the shots with the butterflies.

I don't mind the lack of action. But in that case, the movie should have gotten me to grip my seat in suspense. It was almost successful. It was good enough at what it did that I can't exactly say I'd rather watch Quantum of Solace (2008). I can say I'd rather watch the Bourne series or Casino Royale (2006).

I watched the "Deleted Scenes" special feature. Nothing particularly special.

I love reading about the differences between a book and a movie on Wikipedia.

Watched 20110310 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library)
The American (2010) Anton Corbijn. 105 min [botn A Very Private Gentleman (1990) by Martin Booth]

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