Son of Rambow (2008)

First off, I knew absolutely nothing about this movie prior to watching it. Except perhaps that it's probably a comedy. Haha.

The introduction is interesting, with Lee Carter before we are introduced to him, and then switching over to the opposite Joshua. It was hard to know what to make of the protagonist, Joshua. And as we are introduced to him more and more, it gets pretty funny. And then there's the introduction of the second-most pivotal character in the movie, Lee Carter. But the ending was done well...

The movie is funny with the occasional more serious and emotional scenes. I guess if I were to compare it to a movie I've seen, I'd say it'd be most like Little Miss Sunshine, but more eccentric, more comedy oriented, and a sprinkle of cheesy, but in a good comedic way. Or perhaps a mix of Little Miss Sunshine (2006) with Donnie Darko (2001). ::shrug:: Rank-wise, I'd have to put it below Donnie Darko, and Donnie Darko below Little Miss Sunshine, but Son of Rambow is still good.


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Son of Rambow (2008)

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