Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)

I watched this movie once or twice before. Perhaps in theaters, I can't remember. For some reason, I remember liking the beginning. But watching it now, it didn't look that great. Good, but not great.

My favorite part of the movie is the ending. Personally, I would suggest people watch IV V VI and then I II III, it would make for a better surprise than I II III to IV V VI. But perhaps, that's what anybody who watches IV V VI first would say.

And then there's the real sad part in the movie, which I can't mention, but it's so terrible. At least there was a positive ending to that section; Yoda rocks!

Quick Comments on Some Characters:
Ewan McGregor ... Obi-Wan Kenobi
:Great! I think he fit his part. Either him or Yoda is my favorite character in the movie.
Natalie Portman ... Padmé
Hayden Christensen ... Anakin Skywalker
:I didn't like the character's voice. It seemed overdone.
Ian McDiarmid ... Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
Samuel L. Jackson ... Mace Windu
:Great... er... can't say. Except, he doesn't make a favorite character, because when it comes to a scene that has Windu and Anakin, the scenes feel unnatural. Perhaps because of Christensen, but... I don't know.
Frank Oz ... Yoda (voice)
:Awesome fight scene. Yoda's the best!
Christopher Lee ... Count Dooku
:Poor Dooku... tricked
Temuera Morrison ... Commander Cody
:I know him from the cartoon!

20110111 Comment:
I found the ticket stub for the movie! So I did watch it in theater!

20220606 Comment:
There's a reddit post that says "Padme wasn't killed by a broken heart" and instead was killed by Palpatine, but I think several points are incorrect.
1. While the droid didn't say "broken heart," it did mention lacking the will to live.
2. I agree that Anakin's force choke didn't kill Padme, but I imagine it's emotionally jarring. Padme was beginning to be convinced of Anakin's darkness, so what more evidence does she need than being choked.
3. This third bullet point concerns the Force. But Yoda was there and he's very in tune with the Force.
4. Not sure what this has to do with anything. For the most part, this story was half a lie to persuade Anakin over to the dark side. It may be true that Palpatine killed his master, but it is later revealed that Palpatine did not know how to save a life (he tells Anakin they'll discover it together).
5. This point makes a huge jump between awareness of Anakin on Mustafar and being able to siphon life from Padme on Polis Massa.
6. It's clear from the dialogue that Vader was referring to the moment of the force choke on Mustafar.
7. Regardless of whether Padme was dead or alive, Palpatine would lie to Anakin.

In summary, the points defending the theory in the post are either invalid or don't really support the theory.
Instant Comments:
3: Why would shield controls be on the outside? ("Have you noticed the shields are still up?")
3: Lol. I'm sure there was a moment where Anakin was behind Dooku but didn't strike the back.
3: "Good, Anakin, good. Kill him. Kill him now." "I shouldn't." "Do it."
3: "Death is a natural part of life..." (the entire quote that follows is deep, and yet easier said than done)
3: An expression which is the equivalent of "wild goose chase", substituting "goose" with "bantha"
3: Was Grievous once human? (after Obi-Wan defeats him) [Yes]
3: Oh. I forgot that Anakin actually did inform Windu that Palpatine is the Sith Lord.
3: "Power. Unlimited power!"
3: Oh foolish Anakin. So easily manipulated.
3: Yoda feeling distraught makes it seem like perhaps Windu was indeed killed
3: Oh wow, that youngling (?) saved Organa
3: Oh, so that is Chewbacca (Yoda says goodbye to him)
3: How tragic. "Anakin is the father, isn't he? I'm so sorry."
3: Oh, poor Anakin. Wants to protect Padme and yet chokes her
3: "If so powerful you are, why leave?"
3: Anakin boasts he is strong, but is just even with Obi-Wan's fighting.
3: "Into exile I must go. Failed I have."
3: Oh I forgot this part where he catches fire
3: "How to commune with him I will teach you."
Watched 20050527 Theatre. AMC Block 30 [STAR WARS] $9.00 Around7pm
Watched 20100209 @ Home
Watched 20220606 (Disney+)
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) George Lucas. 140 min.

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