This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

I felt like some of the minor plot points were flawed but the feel of the overarching story felt good.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 85% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

Rating: 4.0/5
Instant Comments:
It took a while to process that joke. "This is the first time." [...] "On our sides."
Hahaha. "My room was next to yours. My room was next to yours."
Hehe. "Get out while you still can."
Huh. He said the "fucking mouth" but the word "fucking" was omitted from the subtitles
Hehe. "I have to go have sex."
He makes a point about the schedule. Seems like something someone would recommend not to be so stressed out about it.
Hahaha. "Yeah." as he looks at the two
Hehe. "Tell me something I don't know."
Not sure if it's the movie or just my personal thoughts. I would side with Judd in her having strange expectations in this: she slept with his boss and wants a reaction from him upon delivering news of her pregnancy
Hehe. "Touche pussycat"
Hmm. He remembers some of the moments she mentioned.
Hehe. They triggered the fire alarm... and then Phillip tries to light the blunt
Hehe. Even the Mom: "I'm sorry, Boner"
What does that mean? "I'm an asshole, Judd. I'm not stupid." Well... perhaps it just means he knows that Judd is lying to him. I guess the next layer is... why does she express concern that he is leaving? Out of guilt for having feelings about Horry?
Hehe. "What'd he to you anyways?" "He slept with my wife." You do that to "one of my only real friends"? (I guess Judd figures that's just a lie)
Hmm. I had a feeling he was wrong about the gender
Chuckle. "These are actually pretty comfortable."
Haha. "Did you guys not know about that?"
Aww. That's a tearjerker. ("I remember.")
"I'm so glad you tightened this."
Cute. The follow-up talk after she catches up to him in skates.
Hehe. "Does Cyndi Lauper have to be our song?"
Hah! "Are we doing this ironically or..."
Yes! I was hoping he would take the car (because foreshadowing)

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This Is Where I Leave You (2014) Shawn Levy. 103 min

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