Aquaman (2018)

The movie started slowly, and had a poor secondary antagonist, but the ending was decent.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 94% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Rating: 3.0/5
Instant Comments:
1a: slow start to movie (11 min on his parents romance plus a short minute on him as a kid talking to fish and being a freak). then enter some pirate which leads to a fight with Aquaman where his dad keeps digging his grave. to be fair Aquaman could have done "the right thing" but gave a line about asking the sea for mercy... shrug
  1b: I think it's fair to conduct communication underwater in this way, but I'm curious how actual underwater communication should sound... if you open your mouth, should something like air be expelled? How do whales and dolphins produced sounds?
1b: Curious why a submarine would start bombing such a place.
1b: Oh, maybe he staged it.
1b: Huh. Is she on heels? Why would an underwater person need heels? (the camera zooms out and this person trying to talk to Aquaman is standing by herself)
1b: Hmm. She has diplomatic clearance, but doesn't Aquaman need some sort of passport?
1b: Oh okay. Answers my comment from earlier (border defense)
1b: Close call. His brother seemed to be having the upperhand when driving him down to the magma. Though come to think of it... is it even possible for the magma to exist in this state under water?
1b: I understand they're trying to pursue Mera and Aquaman but they're also blindly putting civilians at risk by just firing while still in the city
1b: Smile. "It worked for Pinocchio"
1b: This bad guy from the beginning... what an a annoyance. I feel zero threat from him
1b: Hehe puts his head in the toilet.
1b: Quite an end for the bad guy from the beginning. It adds some action to the movie but there's a lack of gravity
1b: Oh. It must have been cause I was watching on a small phone. I didn't notice that Queen Atlanna is being portrayed by Nicole Kidman
1b: This creature has fought others before but there are still columns to knock down?
1b: Hehe. In the past, she would just speak even though she doesn't expect anyone to understand her? ("Stop." [...] "You understand me?")
1b: Nice. Aquaman colors.
1b: Holy moly. SHattered.
1b: What? This guy is alive? He's not worhty of being an enemy of Aquaman
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Aquaman (2018) James Wan. 143 min

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