Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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1a: Hmm... beauty (Flora's gift). Song (Fauna's gift).
1a: If I were to guess... "grace" as a third? Personally I would treasure wisdom, health, and... okay I guess beauty is reasonable third. Well perhaps wealth is a common blessing as well.
1a: "You weren't welcome" (?) Would the queen not have been so upset if a more... diplomatic answer was given?
1a: Oh I forgot that the third wish was...
1a: "The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. *But*... before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger - on the spindle of a spinning wheel - and DIE!" (Why her sixteeth birthday)
1a: Ha. Every cradle.
1a: "I Know You..." huh actually a good song
1a: Hehe the sliding candles.
1a: Oh no wands...
1a: I forgot how magic leaks.
1a: Oh no... I see.
1a: Lol. What a waste of 16 years. They could have had a celebration one day after her real birthday as a better alternative.
1a: She establishes that it's their fault
1b: Somewhat randomly restarted at the 53 minute mark, a little before the decision to put everyone to sleep
1b: Hehe. Paraphrase: set a trap for a peasant and catch a prince.
1b: Huh. He waves them along. I suppose he could have had a short "come on, this way" type of dialogue.
1b: Ooo. Turned to stone.
1b: Lol. The spell of thorns seems powerful and thick. yet somehow he makes hacking through it seem trivial.
1a: I missed the dragon fight. And the kiss. Hehe... I may have to rewatch some parts
1b: Huh. I was about to question Phillip's ability to kill such a powerful looking dragon. Soon after, it was the fairy that intervenes to send the sword flying into the dragon. Kind of lame.
1b: Prince Phillip doesn't respond to his father.
1b: Hehe, I think I saw this part (blue vs. pink) [someone pointed out that Aurora's dress (the one made for her is typically pink in artwork where it is blue for most of the movie, and others have explained this is to differentiate from Cinderella's assocation to an already blue dress]
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Watched first two-thirds 20220814, remaining thid 20230605 (Disney+)
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