X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

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1a: Really, I doubt that
1a: For a moment, because cars were being lifted, I thought Magneto was displaying his strength as a display of mutant ability. Instead, it turned out Jean was responsible for lifting the cars, which shows just how strong her mutant power was. And yet... she didn't seem that strong in the previous movie. [20230530: it is explained later]
1a: "Oh Charles, I like this one."
1a: How sad... (Warren feels ashamed of being a mutant)
1a: Lol WTF, first the past, then 10 years ago. Then the not so distant future...
1a: I forgot who she is, was she Kitty Pride? [Yes, Ellen Page]
1a: I recognize that spikey one is one of the actors in Lost... [Ken Leung]
1a: Only Magneto and Pyro are above class 3.
1a: Hehe, as a little girl, "when I get out of here, I'm going to kill you myself"
1a: Hehe a mutant that suppresses the xgene
1a: "How?" "I dont know."
1a: Why didn't she just clear the mist earlier... lol
1a: Huh. What happened to Scott?
1a: Xavier calls her class 5. Where di
1a: Oh Xavier created barriers... weakening her. And Xavier says the alternate personality is The Phoenix
1a: Strange. Men have longed to fly on their own, why would someone with that ability give that up... [ok so he refuses]
1a: How cold. "You're not one of us anymore" (can such a thing be permanent)
1a: Hehe. "I don't want to fix it"
1b: Had paused with 50 min remaining. Rewind a little.
1b: I still don't understand why Xavier blamed wolverine for anything ("I warned you")
1b: I see, "Jean is not well" "You sound just like her parents" (despite Xavier's prior stance, he's acting like a hypocrite)
1b: Wow I didn't remember Xavier passing away
1b: Magneto was sad for Xavier's loss
1b: Wolverine lets Rogue go
1b: Jean makes Magneto afraid...
1b: Magneto corrects Pyro about Xavier
1b: Not sure transporting the bridge makes sense... it seems like it would fall into the ocean without the support cables.
1b: "Pawns"
1b: Haha. Grow those back
1b: Wow, Kitty has some smarts.
1b: "Do we look like we need your help?"
1a=20220801, 1b=20220802
Watched first half 20220801, second half 20220802 (Disney+)
104 minutes

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