Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

While the movie ended decently, the beginning to middle sections suffered due to an experimental level of comedy - one beyond the enjoyable does of comedy featured in Ragnorak.
Instant Comment:
What a strange opening. I wasn't sure I was watching Thor.
Christian Bale.
Hahaha. Mantis has this half smile like she's holding back from laughing as Thor saddles his hammer like a broom and jumps down.
Hehe. So they've been fighting for how long before he just comes in and destroys everyone?
The splits.
Hahaha. Matt Damon again (at least I think he played this role in Ragnorak)
This movie takes humor to the next level (not necessarily in a good way). For example, Vahalla joke.
Holy shit. The splitting of Mjolnir is awesome
"You flicked too hard damn it!"
Huh. Does this tie in or allude to Loki?
Wow. That shot through Zeus
Huh. While all the color is gone, use of Mjolnir returns some color.
Thunderbolt also returned color to illuminating Valkyrie
Wow. Christian Bale fills this role real well. Not sure who else could have achieved this kind of insanity at a similar age.
Pretty cool use of light in this world of black and white, er, Shadow Realm.
Oh what? Stormbreaker doesn't have the only worthy clause of Mjolnir. I didn't realize that. Oh right, earlier Korg was using it.
Wait what? Does Thunderbolt have some sort of Bifrost like power? How is Thor going to get back?
Six eyes. That looks a little familiar.
Smile. For a limited time only.
The girl in the princess outfit
Hehe. The bunny
"Eat my hammer."
That's true. All this time, and he tunnel visioned on wishing for destruction when he could just wish for his daughter.
With that being said, how come a wish as powerful as destroying Gods be only equivalent to resurrecting one person (as opposed to a more complicated wish that brings both himself and his daughter back to life).
One-armed Sif
Does she have laser eyes because she was reborn? [It is later narrated as such]


"Welcome to Valhalla"
It said "Thor Will Return". Would that really be included if there wasn't some type of plan for a follow-up? I think it would be a cop-out if it's just in another MCU movie like Guardian of the Galaxy. [one article I read said that Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth were surprised by the addition of this statement to the movie]

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