The Mitchells vs. The Machines (2021)

Overview: A dysfunctional family goes on a trip before the older child goes to college. Along the way, robots turn against humans and the world is about to end, and the family begins to come together.

Instant Comments:
when Mark threw his phone on the ground and disregarged Pal, I was shocked.
ha, some pretty solid references to culture (take picture of my food, and unbox this for me).
haha free WiFi.
hahahaha Furby.

"Just to educate you that's a hurtful stereotype".
huh near the end when their mom and dad get caught, I was wondering why not just destroy humans, why go through the trouble of shipping them away in a spaceship.
they chose for a low drama comedic ending instead of a kind of action ending that shows how she got to the ground. I assume the robots caught her.
In any case, decent end though on the farfetched side.

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