A Whisker Away (2020)

Overview: A young girl Miyo Sasaki is given a mask that let's her transform into a cat. While unhappy as a person, she loves the double life she leads as a cat, especially being able to approach a boy she has a crush on, Kento Hinode.

Masamichi Isami (JP: Kensho Ono, EN: Grifin Burns), Kento Hinode (JP: Natsuki Hanae, EN: Johnny Yong Bosch), Miyo Sasaki (JP: Mirai Shida, EN: Cherami Leigh), and Yoriko Fukase (JP: Minako Kotobuki, EN: Erika Harlacher)

20210623 Comment:
The themes about loneliness are important and interesting, but the ending was uninteresting, so overall I didn't like the movie all that much.

[20211225 Edit]
Sasaki as a cat, who Hinode refers to as Taro

Instant Comments: 1a: When the strange big cat shows up asking for her human half that's when things get in interesting.
1a: oh it was so crazy of her to jump down like a cat.
1a=20210620, 1b=20210622
Mask Seller (JP: Kōichi Yamadera, EN: Keith Silverstein)

Watched first half 20210620, second half 20210622 (Netflix Instant)
A Whisker Away*
also known as 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる (Japanese)

Sasaki makes a jump down from a story high building to defend Hinode.

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