Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2017)

This is Jim Gaffigan's fifth comedy special, but prior to watching this one I've only seen his third comedy special, Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe (2012). Although I found most of his material humorous, I also disliked a couple of bits such as his fat bit and his fish bit. I should also note that while I enjoyed and laughed at most of his jokes, I could say that a portion of those jokes could easily offend more sensitive ears. My impression, however, is that Gaffigan displays that his jokes are just jokes.

Jim Gaffigan

Overall, Jim Gaffigan's style of humor doesn't quite match the type I enjoy watching most, but there was enough overlap for me to enjoy the special as a whole.

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 84% match. I decided to give the special neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
I didn't enjoy his fat bit.
Ha. The punchline to "appreciate summer."
hospice - a home providing care for the sick, especially the terminally ill.
Hahaha. "Ram tough."

Jim Gaffigan

Hahaha. Haha. "Now I need to learn to read again." (as a punchline to show after show)
Hahaha! "... True Blood and I'm not even gay."
"Where do you send that $500?"
Ha. "Do you use that to call the past?"
Hahaha. "What I wanted to say was I have drugs in my butt."
Haha. Ha. Customs joke was good.
(paused during fish bit)
It's hard for me to find his fish bit humorous, because I grew up eating fish and don't relate to his portrayal of fish.
On target with the eyebrows.

Jim Gaffigan

Hahaha. Punchline: "But... eventually you die."
Hahahaha. Amen. Why call when there's text or email.
Smile. "I just want to hear your voice daddy." "Buy my album."

Watched 20181015 (Netflix, Instant)
Jim Gaffigan: Cinco (2017) Jeannie Gaffigan. 73 min

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