The first episode was so-so. Perhaps it is a show that gets better throughout the season, like BoJack Horseman.

I finished the first part today and overall I enjoyed the series. Occasionally some of the episodes - especially at the start - had portions which weren't funny and seemed to be trying too hard, but the episodes became more consistent and found built off of previous episodes in an enjoyable way.

Princess Bean (Abbi Jacobson)

In particular, the show slowly began to create a bigger, overarching story which culminated in an interesting cliffhanger.

Overall, if you enjoy shows with dirty, unfiltered humor, then I recommend you try watching Disenchantment.

Netflix recently released the second part of the series.

On 20190926, Netflix determined the series for me as a 99% match.

Interesting opening ("See you guys tomorrow.")
Voice of Mr. Burns.
Hahahaha. "Oh boy, did I look I her." That was surprisingly funny.
"No tummy touching."
"Elfo has left the building."
Cliff-"faller" makes me want to keep watching.
Okay one more.
20180826 AM

Elfo (Nat Faxon) and Kissy

Smile. The walruses.
Decent resolution.
20180826 AM

Haha. All that talking about the band. "What the hell?"
Huh, I don't remember if the first two episodes were this way, but this episode seems to lay it on thick.

Ha. Low tide.

Bean and Luci (Eric Andre)

Points out the flaw in what they prayed for
Hahahahaha. "I'm a midwife. Excuse me a moment."
"Just use the force. Centripetal force." (References Star Wars)
20181210 AM

"Plus there's laces holding the skin on."
Hahaha. Picks up the keg.
Hahaha. "Is joke. Or is?"
"Of Humid Bondage" references 1915 novel Of Human Bondage
Hahaha. Hahaha. That was good. (bowing during the escape)
20181210 PM

Elfo and Tess

20181217 PM

"[...] work, starve or eat. Now there's a fourth thing. Entertainment."
"We'll find the one true god next year."
Hahahaha. A single trap with two parts that is bypassed by parties of three or more.
"Unlike other villains, I shant be telling you my plans."
References the James Bond movie Goldfinger. "You expect me to crawl around this overheated hellscape until I hear a beep?" "No, Mr. Elfo, I expect you to fry."
20181217 PM

Queen Oona (Tress MacNeille), King Zog (John DiMaggio), and Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan)

Ha! I burst out laughing when the sword went back into his chest. The prince from the first episode was alive. But now he's most likely dead.
Hahaha. "I demand a second opinion. Touch me somewhere else." - Elfo to Touchy.
Hahahaha. "But he doesn't mind [something about fooling around]"
Mysterious half!?!
Interesting choice.
How would she have recognized Bean so quickly?
20181217 PM

What about his current wife?
"Favorite food on three." "Beer."
Great cliffhanger.
There's a short cliff after the credits of Elfo washing ashore and being pulled up by two hands.
20181217 PM

"My 24-hour shift."
Ah. That makes sense. (Jerry's condition explained)
If there's signal loss, one can just be more repetitive.
"Stairway to Hell." (as oppose to "Stairway to Heaven.")
Uh... couldn't she have just flipped the level?

"Jerry, what if I told you all of that was to make you stronger?" "I'd say you're a sick bastard."
"A surprisingly large number of popes."
References Futurama. "Bite my shiny metal axe."
"My soul's gonna die. I'm gonna go to superhell."
"Now that I'm a ghost I'll help you make pottery."

Lol. His little men barely made progress.
Last one was good. "Letting the hanging begin."

"Who's sleeping now, Carl?"
Hahaha. "At least the reptile sex was quiet."
Huh. "I don't turn into a bear when I put it on, I turn into a human when I take it off." [Oh, it means by nature she's more of an animal.]
Creepy ending.

Wash day
Lol. "Take off your boots."
HAHAHA. I didn't expect that. (elves wash back down)
The king and queen ogre seem to be the same voices as those aliens in Futurama. I don't remember the species at the moment.
Elfo is half ogre?

HAHAHA. "But you didn't do anything! You just watched a circus." "Get a barrel Odval."



1a: Ha. That's what I essentially thought: "Are you from the future?"
1b: "stience"
1b: "human rights"
1b: "fair trial, execution, and appeal"
1b: Haha. "I didn't want to wake you. Or invite you."
1b: "very clever turn of phrase"
1b: "Farnswarth District"
1b: Hmm. Who is most at fault there?
1a=20190928, 1b=20190929 AM

Hehe. The logic with the rats.
Ha. Beheaded for wearing the crown.
Oh Elfo.
Something to bite down on.
"But I don't think she'd ever try to kill him." Gasp. "GUILTY!"
Wow. Quite the finale.
1=20190929 AM

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