Monsters, Inc. (2001)

Today I didn't have the internet but I really wanted to watch a movie. As such, I looked through my DVD collection and decided to watch Monsters, Inc.

Sullivan "Sully" (John Goodman)


Instant Comments:
1: Haha. He got scared.
1: Ha. Mike is in the corner of all the portraits.
2: Mike was barely pictured but contrary what Sulley and the viewer expects, he was very happy about it
1: The presentation to us makes it look like they're just coming to work, but I feel a scaring operation could theoretically happen practically 24/7 because nighttime occurs around the world

Mike (Billy Crystal)

1: Ha, slumber party.
1: Haha. She says "boo" in the sushi restaurant
1: Ah her laughter produces more than her scream 9:59 PM PT
2: I don't think I ever realized that Boo's costume came from Sulley's sofa/couch 2: Roz reminds me the grandma dinosaur from Dinosaurs [Ethyl Phillips] 1: Close call (with Randall)

Boo (Mary Gibbs)

1: Lol. "Ew"
1: "Oh, well, hello there. What's your name?" "Mike Wazowski."
2: Haha yellow snow cones.
1: How did Mike get there so quickly?
1, 2: "You expect me to believe that pack of lies, Mike Wazowski?" "Mike Wazowski!" [1: 10:20 PM PT]
2: Boo is having such a good time on the rails 2: Oh wow, I probably never recognized the detail that all the doors were activated by Boo's laugh. Which is important to the entire scene of going through different doors.
2: Well what's to prevent Randall from finding another door to return to [I think it's because all the doors deactivated soon after]
1: Haha. A Nemo doll.
2: Haha Jessie, the bouncing ball, and Nemo
2: I see. "At least we had some laughs, right?"

Boo attacks Randall (Steve Buscemi)

Credits (with Bloopers):
1: These fake bloopers...
1: Ha. Rex.
1: She's gonna show up again isn't she (in Boo's closet)
1: Lol, the play. 10:47 PM PT

Credits (without Bloopers):
2: Not so interesting credits. It would have been neat to actually see, even a 2d animation, of them singing and dancing. [20211213: Apparently there are two versions of the credits, one with and one without bloopers]

Mike, Sully, and Boo

Watched at least once before.
Watched 20180826 (DVD)
Watched 20211125 (Disney+) Monsters, Inc. (2001) Pete Docter, David Silverman. 92 min

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