An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (1991)

I saw the first movie, An American Tail, a couple of days ago, and so today I decided to watch the sequel.

Fievel (Phillip Glasser)

Although I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid, I was surprised to have recognized several of the scenes. I did, however, forget the main story.

In contrast to the serious and heavy themes of the first movie, Fievel Goes West is more lighthearted and fun-filled movie. Another difference is that this movie is a western. As such, I like them for different reasons. Of course, I also like Fievel Goes West for nostalgic reasons.

Overall, I probably don't enjoy the movie as much as when I was a kid, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

Wylie (right, James Stewart) trains Tiger (left, Dom Deluise)

On 20180620, Netflix determined the movie for me as <56%* match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

*With the first movie without a match percentage being 1st, Fievel Goes West was the 56th out of 183 items with hidden match percentages.


Instant Comments:
Billy the Kid.

Fievel and his family: Papa (Nehemiah Persoff), Tanya (Cathy Cavadini), Mama (Erica Yohn), and Yasha.

His sister sings "Somewhere Out There" (from the first movie). At least part of it.
"I just want a cat... who's more like a dog." (with an accent)
Comes back. "I forgot my hat."
Kind of neat how he pulls the fabric out of his hat to turn it into a cowboy hat.
Smile. Even the baby was running (on air).
"Let's go on that ride again!"
What's his plan? [It's explained later. At around 23 minutes.]
Hehe. "Dogfish."

Cat R. Waul (John Cleese)

Lol. I vaguely remember this (Fievel and Tiger crossing each other's path)
I remember the tumbleweed. I didn't remember the pun ("sagecoach")
Hahaha. Gives them the lazy eye.
Huh. Fievel returns his hat to normal.

Watched as a kid.
Watched 20190107 (Netflix, Instant)
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West* (19911991) Simon Wells, Phil Nibbelink. 75 min
*An American Tail II: Fievel Goes West
*An American Tail II

Miss Kitty (Amy Irving) leaves Tiger.

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