Golden Time (2014)

I love excellent shorts, because of the story they are capable of telling in such a short timeframe.

An old television set finds itself abandoned in a junkyard.

This short, in particular, does the feat without any dialogue.

Of course, the animation itself was superb.

Overall, I would simply recommend the reader watch it if possible.

An old wind-up toy in the junkyard

Netflix determined the movie for me as a <55%* match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up.

*With the first movie without a match percentage being 1st, Golden Time was the 9th out of 26 items with hidden match percentages.

Instant Comments:
Hehe. He made fun of the toy cat and inadvertently took a jab at himself. It's a reflection of what happens in life.
Huh, I didn't see that coming. With the recycle truck.

The television set has lost its screen.

After the credits there are three of the mice products similar to the one that appeared on the television set earlier in the short.

Watched 20180611 (Netflix, Instant)
Golden Time* (2014) Takuya Inaba. 22 min
*GĂ´ruden taimu

The wind-up toy stopped moving and some other junked items came out to help: a chair, fan, and bucket.

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