13th (2016)

This documentary is about mass incarceration, i.e., how the American prison system was created as a form of legal slavery. After the African Americans were freed under the 13th amendment, they were legally placed back to work in prisons by becoming charged as criminals.

It was disturbing to learn about the dark side of criminalization in the United States.

While I was initially confused when the documentary switched between clips of The Birth of a Nation and the political rally, I eventually realized the point; it was a type of persuasion. However, as a viewer, I would take the message with a grain of salt, because the scenes, similar to soundbites, can be taken out of context, especially since they are cut into smaller segments and played alternatively.

Passing on some advice given to me, do not watch this documentary if you want to be in a good mood afterwards. With that being said, I enjoyed the documentary and I would recommend it to others.

Netflix determined the documentary for me as a 60% match. I decided to give the documentary neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
@1 What the heck? 25%? That's quite a statistic.
@5 The Birth of a Nation (1915)
@21 Huh. I never would have thought that the war on drugs was started for a reason other than drugs. This is... a revelation. Considering we had drug education programs in elementary school that surely did not work.
@24 "Crack" vs "Cocaine".
@27 Wow. That clip.

Martin Luther King Jr.

@28 I don't find the numbers that useful. They're increasing but there's so much to be wanted (e.g., demographic breakdown - though it's implied it's mainly black people)
@29 WTF. "Superpredators." That social move is infuriating.
@31 Yeah, that's interesting, that black people were convinced of it too. It reminds me of urban legends that get spread or superstitious beliefs I suppose they get spread by triggering fear.
@33 "primitive American fear"
@34 12 Years A Slave (2013)
@39 I forgot what year they said this was. 1990s? Is there a point where it'll get undone?
@41 (Yes, 1990. The next is 2000)
@43 There's no undo button?
@48 Angela Davis
@59 I've been thinking more and more about being tricked by the government into adopting TSA pre-check. And what's going on in this film makes me believe that even more. And more mad about it.
@72 This trap is fucked up. A) Too poor to pay bond. So even innocent trapped. B) Either take plea bargain for short time or go to court to risk long time. C) Have to wait in jail for trial. D) Ruins mental health.
@81 WTF.
@82 It's weird for me to have grown up going to school where cultural diversity is high and then watch this.
@83 "White Men 1 in 17" "Black Men 1 in 3"

Angela Davis

Watched 20180630 (Netflix, Instant)
13th (2016) Ava DuVernay. 100 min

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