Bad Teacher (2011)

This movie was playing and I decided to watch it. I probably came in about halfway into the film.

While I missed the first half of the film, the second half of the film was underwhelming, with the exception of some funny moments here and there.

From what I watched, I would not recommend the film.

On a side note, it's unlikely that I would revisit the movie - though I might consider doing so for screenshots.


Instant Comments:
I started watching when Cameron Diaz's character looks at a practice test and rips something off a corner.
This scene with Justin Timberlake dry humping Cameron Diaz is hilarious.
The ending seemed abrupt (considering I started watching halfway through the movie)
The very end with the guidance counselor was good. 10:44 PM PT

Watched the second half on 20180407 (television)
Bad Teacher (2011) Jake Kasdan. 92 min

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