21 (2008)

About a fourth of the way into the movie, I was bored and read the entire plot of the movie on Wikipedia. Afterwards I finished reading the plot, I decided to continue watching the film to see how it all played out on film. Overall, I'd say the plot on film was worse than the plot in writing.

Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey)

I was disappointed by the reasons for which the entire operation falls apart.

On a different note, as a mathematician, I suppose I was also a little offended about the reduction of mathematics to memorization and counting cards. It's bad enough that almost everyone I meet assumes I'm good at calculating the tip for a bill because I'm a mathematician. In short, just like there are many different specialties of being a medical doctor, there are many different fields of mathematics, and each field requires its own set of skills. Adding to that, the fundamentals that go into being a mathematician is more than just a great memory and doing arithmetic without pen and paper.

Ben (Jim Sturgess)

Netflix determined the movie for me as a 94% match. I decided to give the movie neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down, though I was tempted to give it a thumbs down.

Instant Comments:
Couldn't you just win at a slower rate? Or is the rate at which their winning already slow?
Ah, it's the actor who was LeFou in the recent 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast [Josh Gad. Apparently he was also the voice of Olaf in Frozen.]
Wait. He's turning 21 and he's just applying to Harvard? [He's studying math at MIT and he's applying to Harvard Medical School]

Jill (Kate Bosworth)

References Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
Poses the Monty Hall problem.
[Lol, I read the plot on Wikipedia. Plot spoiled.]
Self-driving car. He might have been onto something. Lol.
Wow. Impressive calculation.
$100,000 saved. Technically there's no reason why he has to get all the money for Harvard Medical upfront.
Hahaha. Room service.

Cole Williams (Laurence Fishurne)

Yeah. I was wondering about such an obvious signal as holding your hands behind your back. [I assume that's for the purpose of the movie]
Even though Fisher was jealous, what did he have to gain by spoiling the whole gig. He was getting money for nothing.
Lol. A line of strippers cashing out.
I wonder if he should have kept his money in a safer place.
Damn. Micky's cut was 50%. I do think his reaction to Ben's loss was an overreaction. [A scene later, if Ben has made $300k, then Micky's made over $1500k. So a $200k loss is still a profit of $1300k since Ben arriving.]

Fisher (Jacob Pitts), Kianna (Liza Lapira), Jill, and Choi (Aaron Yoo)

They didn't show the punch landing.
It sucks cause counting isn't illegal. But I suppose the movie just wants to add a little excitement to the plot.
Although it's true I read the full plot, it didn't mention whether or not Ben got punched. In any case, yeah, Williams pulled his punch.
Hmm. I mean, part of what Williams said was true, but Williams threatening Ben with a gun seemed excessive.
But in the next scene, Williams hands it to his coworker. Does that mean he'd be returning the money to the casino?

Watched 20180104 (Netflix, Instant)
21 (2008) Robert Luketic. 123 min

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