Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

Today I watched this film with my coworkers.

The plot was bad.

There's something about the film's visuals which causes me to think that it looks excessively fake (e.g., too dependent on special effects), but I had the same problem with an early scene from Man of Steel. I guess I can't handle scenes which look too beautiful.

Uncertain of whether it's just me or an aspect of the movie, I'll give the film the benefit of the doubt and say that it has amazing visuals (I would at least agree that most of the time it did).

Unfortunately, the film still failed with respect to story and dialogue, both of which were bad and cheesy.

In the end, I would not recommend the movie to anybody.


Instant Comments:
This start from the alien species with the beach looked like it was done entirely CGI. The people, the landscape, etc. It reminded me of Avatar but was looked more like a video game or 3D animation.
Avi, who saw about an hour of the film already, asked if Valerian sounded like Keanu Reeves. Yeah, he does.
Lol. Adam says important things shouldn't be called a memo.
The style of this movie (e.g., costumes and set) reminded me of The 5th Element. A bit eccentric / tacky.
I asked how interacting with objects inside the VR world worked. Avi said it's like you have to interact and live with both worlds once you're inside. So somehow if you swing inside the VR world you manage to swing outside. I wasn't entirely convinced.
The creature seems more like a duplicator. I thought it was a "converter."
Good choice to go to the small ship. I was about to say the small ship Valerian was pursuing could easily evade his bigger ship.
Haha. "I'm Bob by the way. Hi."
Valerian is too cocky to be a likable protagonist.
Avi said the pimp looked familiar. [Apparently he's Ethan Hawke]
Awesome performance (Rihanna) - even though about half of it wasn't Rihanna.
Avi asked why Valerian and/or Laureline didn't try to communicate back with the command center.
Sure. Just murder another species to save the girl. On a related note, how are other species allowed to live on this space station without being under some sort of space station rules.
Did Bubble help phase them through the sewer door?
Why did Bubble have to die?
They didn't show Valerian release his hand on the gun. Which made the whole scene strange to me.
"A soldier will choose death over annihilation?" What a terrible line.
Adam said with all that punching she's doing, he's probably already dead.
Wait. I thought the point of using the communication pod was because he couldn't walk outside. [Oh in the next scene, Valerian jumped back through the wall. I guess he wanted to go with them? Or maybe he thought thwas the only way to contact the commander.]
Cheesy end. Cheesier than the whole movie.

Watched 20180109 (Netflix, Instant)
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017) Luc Besson. 137 min [bot comic series Valerian and Laureline by Pierre Christin]

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