I love the video game series and, in need of a series I can watch in the background, I decided to start Castlevania. Unfortunately, it was only four episodes long!

On 20181120, Netflix determined the movie for me as a ≥98% match (in fact, the first item in My List). The series already had a thumbs up and remained a thumbs up.

I decided to watch Season 2 today, but I had forgot what happened in Season 1. However, rather than rewatch Season 1, I just read the episode summaries on Wikipedia.* Apparently, however, Netflix has a Season 1 recap!**

Trevor Belmont (right, Richard Armitage) and Sypha Belnades (left, Alejandra Reynoso)

I watched episodes 1 through 5.

*I wrote this summary for myself: Vlad Dracula Tepes has been angered and says he will enact his revenge by destroying the town of Wallachia in exactly one year (episode 1). Trevor Belmont rescues Sypha Belnades (episode 3) and the two encounter Adrian Tepes, also known as Alucard. He agrees to fight with them against his father Vlad (episode 4).
**This can be rewatched at any time by going to the "Trailers and more" section.

The other day (20181123) I watched episodes 6 and 7 and today I watched episode 8, the final episode of the second season. I'm looking forward to the third season!

Watched Season 1 20170923 (Netflix, Instant)
Watched Season 2 20181122-20181126 (Netflix, Instant) (occasionally English subtitles)

Dracula (Graham McTavish) and Lisa Tepes (Emily Swallow)

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"I think I might like you."
Hmm. What's gonna happen here... At this stake burning.
Not bad. He's not entirely evil. Gives them 1 year.
Oh, mainly because it'll take him one year to gather an army.
I suppose regardless, he didn't have to warn them. And he did. And anybody in that area had a choice.

"The Belmonts fought monsters. So I'm told."
Trevor Belmont.
"Listen, I used to fucking fight Vampires."
"I'm fucking Trevor Belmont."
Holy shit. His eyeball.

Alucard (James Callis)

Haha. "Reflexes like a cat."
It's great they have principles, but the grandfather also made a deal with Trevor Belmont. And for him to stay shows that he nor his people are a people of their word.
Lol. An arrow into his other eye.

Epic battle.

Watching them ransack her home and the bishop making these accusations is infuriating.


Lol. "Oh, please. We're not children." Sypha leaves. "Eat shit and die." "Yes, fuck you." They laugh
That self-flagellation.
Smile. Carmilla is such a badass:
"Perhaps on the general notion that the Belmonts hunted the likes of us for fucking centuries."
"And if there's one left alive, then it may have access to the trove of weapons and magical materials talked of across generations but never found, which they used to hunt us through fucking centuries."
"Am I making myself clear now?"
(turns to Dracula)
"This is your war council, my lord?"

Alucard makes lifting the rocks seem trivial (effortlessly uses one hand)
Mentions Leon Belmont
In my head, I'm thinking all this is grand, but hopefully it doesn't get trashed by the enemy.
Morning star. It's like when you're playing the game and find a new weapon.
I'm confused whether Dracula simply wants to destroy Wallachia or all humans.

Trevor, Alucard, and Sypha

I suppose the artists make the raid bloody for the purposes of being entertaining for viewers, but if vampires truly raided towns so messily, then that would be a waste.
That was a great ending to the episode. Isaac.

polymath - a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.
Impalement. Vlad the Impaler.

Ha. They find the time to implant some comedic relief: Belmont tries to barricade the door
I love the choreography for Belmont.
"What the fuck just happened?" - Carmilla when the Castle is under Sypha's influence.
Oh no... the Belmont library...

Hector (Theo James) and Isaac (Adetokumboh M'Cormack)

Hehe. Sypha ice battle.
What makes Dracula so strong?
Hehe. If this were the game, this is basically Dracula going into his second form.

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