Passengers (2016)

After taking a nap I watched Passengers with Ada.

The film had a good story. With that being said, while I didn't know how it could have been better, I felt like something was missing.

While I seldom watch trailers, I recall seeing the trailer for this movie somewhere and I think it threw me off with respect to the direction which the story would take.

Overall, I would recommend the movie to both fans of sci-fis and thrillers.*

*Remark: this movie only has 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. A little reading suggests that many critics are troubled by the underlying plot which is interpreted as being creepy. With that being said, I would disagree. The situation would drive most people in the protagonist's position to either commit suicide or wake another passenger.

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Watched 20170419 (in-flight entertainment) (English subtitles)
Passengers (2016) Morten Tyldum. 116 min

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