Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

I wanted to watch Queen of Katwe but I encountered video syncing errors and so I started watching this movie instead.

Unfortunately, the movie started slow and the time-travel based plot didn't make sense to me (though generally speaking they seldom do).

Thus, while the movie had its moments, I did not enjoy it enough to make any recommendations.

Paradox: The protagonist Jake went back in time after his grandfather died, eventually saves the day, returns to 2016, and his grandfather is alive. But if his grandfather wasn't alive, Jake wouldn't have gone back in time, and wouldn't have saved the day, and his grandfather should be dead...

Possible Explanation: According to the internet, the likely explanation is that Jake didn't return to July 2016 (when he first went back in time). Instead, he went to visit his grandfather in January 2016 (with the implication that his grandfather would still die six months later) and from there he started going back in time.

New Error: While the explanation given makes sense, viewers point out two contradicting lines of dialogue. The first consists of Emma telling Jake that killing Barron will somehow save Jake's grandfather Abe. The second consists of Barron stating that he had already killed Abe.

Instant Comments:
Asa Butterfield!
Blood on flashlight and continues....
Hey Miss Peregrine
Lol, such a freaky greeting.
Holy shit, Enoch's power is strange
Did she say "double loops"?
Strange... "Hello, this is Abe. How is everyone?"
Interesting power...
Haha. "Have you not been to Florida?"
Not sure why he had to go through multiple loops... [There wasn't a loop that led directly to 1943]

Watched 20170124 (in-flight entertainment)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (2016) Tim Burton. 127 min [botnotsn (2011) by Ransom Riggs]

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