Balto (1995)

Having grown up watching several animated films, I decided to watch Balto, an 1995 animated film which I had never seen before.

Jenna (Bridget Fonda) and Balto (Kevin Bacon)

While the movie had some interesting moments, certain scenes were too long while others were too short. In other words, there was a lack of balance on which points of the story to focus on.

With that being said, I would approve with spending time to watch the movie once.

Netflix Rating:
Rated for me at 4.5
I gave it 4

Steele (left, Jim Cummings)


Instant Comments:
Movie starts with live action
Animation starts when the grandmother begins telling the story
Ah, how sad, little coffins.

Boris (Bob Hoskins) and Balto

Haha the polar bears courageously jump in and then Boris tells Jenna they can't swim. Jenna exlaims, "What polar bears who can't swim!?"
"I got people bumps." - Boris
What an asshole... marking all the trees to throw Balto off...
Lol. She saw right through Steele's lies.
"The feet of a wolf"
ET reference*


"Grandma Rosy!"
Based on a true story. Oh.**

*This movie was produced by Amblimation
**Apparently the real Balto is a black and white Siberian husky.

Watched 20170211 (Netflix, Instant)
Balto (1995) Simon Wells. 78 min

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