Interstellar (2014)

This movie was fun to watch. Michael and I talked about the proximity of the station to black hole. The station was parked and they went around, came back, went to the next planet, and raced back. Anyways, Michael really liked the movie and praised it multiple times, particularly for the space setting and story.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughey)

The story put a lot of time in to set up the punchline. Though I'm not sure it dropped enough hints to set us up for the reveal.*

While long, it was a solid sci-fi. In particular, it is thus far my favorite end of the world movie (e.g., Armaggedon, The Core). Star Trek (2009), however, is a better space movie.

Watching the IMAX version was worth it. On a different note, I didn't like some of the soundtrack. 7:08PM PT

Trailers: Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)**

*Haha, I used the word "reveal" which I found funny because Michael Caine (who was in this movie) was also a movie called the Prestige.
**[20180722] I doubt there was only one attached trailer; however, after checking my notes (20180722), it seems I failed to indicate which trailers were attached.

Originally planning to just do a screenshot viewing, I started watching the movie in full. It's a great movie. However, I also continued to find the length of the movie to be dreadfully long. In fact, I simply took a break to go to the supermarket halfway into the film.

Instant Comments:
1: Apollo nonsense

1: "I got you suspended." haha
1: Mockumentary
1: Dust falls in lines; Binary
1: "Didn't you bring the boltcutter?"
1: "Well who's they?"
1: That's sad. She throws the watch.
2: "Don't make me leave like this." ;_;
1: Another book falls.

1: I like the immediate transition to launch.
1: Either the violins or flutes were violently discordant.
1: Haha, 90% honesty.
1: Lol. "Why are you whispering, they can't hear you."
1: How would a wormhole look, 2: Oh right... a sphere... You excise two spheres from different points and paste them together.
1: Seven years per hour!?!
2: References Heart of Darkness
1: Fucking cool. CASE.

2: That'll weigh heavy on her conscience.
2: "You tell that to Doyle."
2: "...and it rules out telling a ten-year old the rules ending."
1: 23 years, 4 months, 8 days, 2: Damn, twenty-three years.
1: The adult Murphy looks similar to the child Murphy
2: "Do not go gentle into that good night."
1: Oh, it was a bit hard to hear, but Professor Brand was telling Murph about the lack of Plan A.

2: Professor Brand's last words are "Do... not... go... gentle."
2: The movie has less impact since I know most the surprises.
1, 2: "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I can't watch this. I thought I could, but I can't.", 1: Lol, what an ass.
2: "It's not possible." "No, it's necessary."
1: Newton's Third Law
2: "See you on the other side Coop."
1: Sci-fi at its best, part II. (Sci-fi at its best, part I was their survival through the wormhole)
1: Projection of space into time via gravity.

2: The handshake!
2: He's as old as his grandchildren and would likely live to see his great-great-grandchildren.
2: Oh, I forgot the very ending.
1: Hans Zimmer. Quick credits.
1=20141214, 2=20170304

Released 20141107.
Watched 20141214 Theater.
Watched 20170304 (Netflix, Instant)
Interstellar (2014) Christopher Nolan. 169 min

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