Big Hero 6 (2014)

The film was fast paced and there was a lack of development in regards to the team. While I didn't know the background, in hindsight, the movie is called Big Hero 6 and should have been centered around the development of the team that was to become "Big Hero 6."

After watching the movie, my friends and I were talking and we agreed that the members could have trained together more.

Touching back on the film's fast pace, this a definite plus for a children's movie.

On a different note, since I didn't know about the comics and story on which Big Hero 6 was based, the movie's transition from its exposition to the action in the middle of the film was unexpected for me.

Trailers: @ 10:21 I walked in during Minions (2015), Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (2016), Annie (2014), Tomorrowland (2015), Inside Out (2015). 10:30PM PT

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Instant Comments:
1: Hilarious and cute.
1: Dog.
1: Feast. 10:37PM PT
1: Well-told story. Clever.

2: Started watching at robot competiton where he hustles his opponent by first losing
1: Nfltr. [20170307: My best guess is that I was highlighting this line: "It will take me a moment to re-inflate."][20180722: That is, "Nfltr" was the best I could discretely type "Inflate" during the movies on my phone]
2: Hehe Baymax acts as if he's drunk
1: "It's like spooning a warm marshmallow."
2: I was watching the movie in the background: I didnt see them train, but I saw them fail the fight and the reveal of the villain. I didn't see how the bad guy lost, but I remembered and figured Baymax would have passed the chip into Hiro's hand. Though would that really be possible given that was his programming? [20220610: I think it would be possible, because Baymax probably has some baseline functionality; in particular, there's a moment in the film where Hiro's fighting chip is removed from Baymax in which case the fighting chip is just an augmentation]

1: After credits scene: "I wear them front." 20141228 12:56AM PT
2: Too bad there's no movie based around Stan Lee's character.
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