The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)

Apparently I watched this movie exactly one year ago this day!



Instant Comments:
3: The movie starts with a meeting which takes place prior to the first movie.
3: "12 months later."
3: The one Dwarf says his son is Gimli
2: Evangeline Lilly is much hotter than Liv Tyler.
2: "Do not give him hope where there is none." - Thranduil to Tauriel about Legolas.
2: Lol. That head must have been for 3D.
2: Lol. An arrow for 3D.
2: That attack to spear the orc to the log was awesome.
2: Of course the Legolas scene was good too.
3: I grew more and more sleepy. I finally fell asleep for a while after they managed to pass the gate. (Around 65 minute mark.)
2: "This is not a nice place to meet."
2: "It's a small town Alfred. Everyone knows where everyone lives."
2: Radagast asks "What if it's a trap?" Gandalf says "Go around and do not turn back." Radagast leaves. Gandalf says, "It's undoubtedly a trap."
2: When they return for the key and line up, screenshot.
2: That kill via boat leverage.
2: Not bad for a 3 v 1.
2: That cliffhanger. 4:11PM PT
2=20141227, 3=20171126

Released 20131213.
Watched 20131227 Theaters.
Watched 20141227 Blu-ray
Watched first third 20171126 Blu-ray
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013) Peter Jackson. 161 min

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