Poolhall Junkies (2002)

Watched 20140625 (Netflix, Instant) (Streaming until 20140701)
Poolhall Junkies (2002) Mars Callahan. 99 min

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A naturally good pool player named Johnny with dreams to go professional is raised as a hustler. One day, he realizes the truth and looks to escape his hustling lifestyle. One thing leads to another, and he finds his way back in the game. How will things work out for Johnny?

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. In particular, it had good dialogue and I liked the plot.

Of movies I've seen, Poolhall Junkies reminds me most of Swingers (1996). Furthermore, if you like one, then you would most likely enjoy the other.

Instant Comments:
Oh no... how sad.
"Don't you ever tell me who I play again, Joe."
"Me and Johnny, we's niggas."
"It's common knowledge."
Hehe. "Hey, what's he mean by the rock?" "That's the cue ball."

I wonder if he'll let us know if he won the game or not.
Ha. Haha! "Not enough sand."
Christopher Walken's voice is awesome.
"A crease on your pants."
"This one's for all the marbles boys."
Haha. "I don't have to make it again in a million years, I made it just now."

Hehe. One-handed.
Psh, his girlfriend is so quick to judge.
Old Spice and Aqua Velva.
Ha. He got freaked out about her asking him to choke her.
When the hustler gets hustled.

I like how there's a sign that says, "No Gambling".
"Phil, remember that bet you made?"
These kids are so dumb. Its bad when a hustler gets hustled.
"You're covered." "I'm covered? What the hell kind of ATM you got?"
"Fine, good." Haha.

Man, Christopher Walken is motherfucking awesome:
Joe: How the fuck does that make you feel... to be in that position with all your money on the table?
Mike: How much you got, Joe?
Joe: What?
Mike: Total. You put down 80 thousand like it didn't matter. That's a lot of money for somebody like you and him. I think it matters.
Joe: What's the difference...
Mike: I'm a millionaire! That's the difference. I lose 80 I get another 80. For me it doesn't matter. See, I think it's you... who's sweating this, the both of you.
That's an awesome pep talk.

Ha. Sound effects (lion roars and swords).
Haha. "Never go swimming, you'll drown."

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