Battle Royale II (2003)

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Battle Royale II (2003) Kenta Fukasaku, Kinji Fukasaku. 134 min

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Unfortunately, this movie doesn't have the same impact for me as the first movie, Battle Royale (2000), did.

While it had some of the same setup as Battle Royale, the plot of Battle Royale II ultimately takes a much different direction than that of Battle Royale. Ultimately, the sequel lacked the appeal of the first movie.

Instant Comments:
Wtf, "against every last adult"? That doesn't make sense.
I find it strange they were surprised by the necklaces. Do they not keep up with the news? Panic makes sense, but confusion doesn't.
Damn. I wonder if anybody would refuse to join after that. (Shintaro)

I understand it makes for great visuals and suspense, but it would have been easier just to getr everyone to play if he told them they die in pairs.
It's kind of silly that the Wild Seven make it their goal to kill adults, but are currently on an island and have to protect themselves by killing kids.

Also, if the aim was simply to destroy the Wild Seven, why have the silly rule of dying in pairs. Also, why not just send more students.
I understand the part about children being expensive to raise, but that's about it.
Hehe. Toilet paper.

These kids are dropping like flies.
Oh. At about forty-six minutes into the movie, one of the snipers notices one of the fighters wearing a metal necklace.
Shouldn't they remove their necklaces?

Hmm, well one of the members got her necklace removed. Why didn't the Wild Seven member remove more?
I sort of expected the actor who plays Nanahara to have built a tougher look. As such, he doesn't really look the part.

Hmm, at the fifty-nine minute mark, it seems that perhaps there's a loss in translation.
"You aim a gun, you shoot it... This is what it takes to survive."
Gee. He just saved them all and that's how she still wants to kill him?
That's the thing about war. Kill or be killed.

This story has become all sorts of weird.
Flashback at the one hour eleven minute mark.
This movie doesn't nearly have the appeal which the first movie had.

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