The Legend of Korra

I decided to watch all the Legend of Korra episodes today. It's so good.

Yesterday I watched the first episode. Today I watched the second and third episode. I definitely didn't remember how she learned to be like air via the match. I also didn't remember anything about Amon being able to take away power. She saw him do something, but how would she know the difference between what he did and chi blocking?
Today I watched the fourth episode.
20210706 Comment:
Today I was going through my notes and I was first surprised that I once watched the entire first season. I was then surprised that in my recent attempt to watch the series from the beginning, I didn't get beyond the fourth episode.
Below are my instant comments. I recommend you don't read any of it if you haven't already seen the show. I don't want to be responsible for ruining any plot points.

Chapter 1
Welcome to Republic City
"I'm the Avatar and you better deal with it!"
Seeing all the new characters in the first couple minutes is awesome.
I wonder how old Korra is.
His face when he said "Don't bring my mother into this!" was hilarious.
"Is this your polar bear dog miss?"
This Republic City is a strange place.

Chapter 2
A Leaf in the Wind
The youngest: "Be the leaf" and waves his arms.
Hahahaha, I was laughing when the little one was sleeping instead of medidating.
Haha and then falls on the ground.
Interesting sport.
Hahaha, "I will make no promises" says the oldest.
Hehe... it was good to see that moment... that is to say her dodging. Otherwise her rebellion would have been useless.

Chapter 3
The Revelation
Nose touch.
Chi blockers.
The ferret gives a screech after the polar bear dog.
Smile: both drink water. I guess its immediate friendship.
Haha. "I want... to go... on.. your back."

Chapter 4
The Voice in the Night
Tenzin was wise, in that the declaration to stop them would only divide benders and non-benders, but he was outvoted.
Smile: And how come you smell like a lady?
That military dude is so sketchy. What's his angle?
It was slightly tense, but not surprise. Common premature hero-villain encounter: villan let's the hero live (gives some reason).

Chapter 5
The Spirit of Competition
Haha. Team huddle time: awkward.
Two people... alone... more awkward.
Poor wet Pabu.
She rode a dragon...
Smile: love advice from little girls.
So much more love going ar ound in this series.
Yikes! "Look! I really like you and I think we're meant for each other!"
Hahahahaha: Burp contest.
Mako and Korra's conversation was humourous.
Laughing out loud: Bolin runs away flailing and crying.
Haha: "You're a bad idea."

Korra: Janet Varney
Mako: David Faustino
Bolin: P.J. Byrne
Tenzin: J.K. Simmons
Asami: Seychelle Gabriel
Naga, Pabu, Lemurs: Dee Bradley Baker

Ikki: Darcy Rose Byrnes
Jinora: Kiernan Shipka
Pema: Maria Bamford
Radio Broadcaster: Jeff Bennett
Referee: Tom Kenny
Ring Announcer: Jason Harris
Tahno: Rami Malek

Additional voices by:
Dee Bradley Baker
Janet Varney
Jeff Bennett
Maria Bamford
Tom Kenny

Chapter 6
And the Winner is...
Okay, Tarrlok (the military dude) doesn't seem so bad after the coucil meeting.
Hahaha: Criminy. (in response to Korra figuring out that the source of Beifong's tension = his wife Pema)
Oh my gosh, they replayed the second round tiebreaker knockout.
Hahaha. I am currently wetting my pants.

Korra: Janet Varney
Mako: David Faustino
Bolin: P.J. Byrne
Tenzin: J.K. Simmons
Amon: Steve Blum
Beifong: Mindy Sterling
Tarrlok, Pabu, Radio Host: Dee Bradley Baker

Chapter 7
The Aftermath
Tarrlok and his hidden motives.
Hahahahahahahaahahahaha: Bolin whispers, "Do you think your dad knows about this tunnel?"

Chapter 8
When Extremes Meet
"Welcome to my domain."
"You're pretty, can I have some of your hair?"
Questions & Answers:
Is this an all vegetarian island? Yes
IS that where you train airbending? Yes
Do we have to wear air acolyte clothes? No
Do we each get our own sky bison? NO
How many trees are on this island? 10,552
Hahaha "We shall meet again soon beautiful woman."
Smile: "Did you know Korra likes Mako?"
Ikki's face after the door closes on her.
Gross: Fart landing.
I like Tenzin's personality. Serious, but has little quirks: "But you seriously are the worse chief. Ever!"
So grown up sounding, "You and I need to talk."
Hmm... at the moment I would suspect Tarrlok is Amon.
This suspicion was made a little before Korra said, "You're just as bad as Amon."
Crap, blood bending. I didn't remember they need full moons.

Chapter 9
Out of the Past
At least the cage has airholes.
Lin Beifong's metal bending to put on the suit of armor was awesome.
Twinkletoes. Hehe. Toph.
We learn Yacone knows how to bloodbend without a full moon. And well.
Tarrlok seems to have the same amount of power.
Smile: "Bolin, that really happened." Something about her voice or attitude then was familiar.
Spoiler: "You're Yacone's son."
Okay, so Amon and Tarrlok are different people.
Poor Asami.

Chapter 10
Turning the Tides
Aww, the baby is kicking really hard.
Haha, Pema frowns a funny frown as she leaves the kitchen to let Mako and Asami talk.
Smile: How old is he. "I got to poo, really bad."
Nice... Tenzin evades capture. Man has got skills.
"Not now baby!"
Is it more efficient to run with your hands trailing? Just a thought.
Cute kids: Stay away from my dad's ex-girlfriend (Jidora). Get off our island (Ikki). Tastes my berry (Meelo).
"That lady is my hero."
Nooooo! So sad. Poor Lin.
Alright! General Iroh!

Chapter 11
Skeletons in the Closet
I hope Asami doesn't betray Team Avatar.
This Amon guy is OP.
"I'm Amon's brother."
Yacone created a monster.
I guess the story makes me half right?

Chapter 12
End Game
Yeah, how did they get caught.
Oh wow, everything seems to be going wrong.
Haha, "Prison break!!!"
Poor Lietenant (to Amon)
OMG! Her airbending! Saaaweet!!!
That was quite a moment... (brothers on the motor boat)
What a happy moment!!! Aang talks to Korra and she turns around and sees Mako.
Lin getting her powers back is a bonus.

Wow. And now I've finished the season.

The Legend of Korra

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