The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

I wrote: "One particular score reminded me of the score in Titanic (1997). In the credits, I found out why: James Horner. Great scenes. Better than what I was expecting (from having seen trailers). Sally Field was a great Aunt May. I thought she fit that role well. Watching all the webslinging in 3D was awesome. Coldplay song. I love how The Lizard turned out." 20120705 12:55 AM PDT
I continued writing: "After the main end credits, there's a snippet on the lizard. The movie nicely included various signature Spider-Man poses and also did his snarky commenting well. Cirque du Soleil." 20120705 1:07 AM PDT
I finished saying: "Oh right, he drops down into the wrestling center. I smiled at that. The only scene I viewed as being excessively over-the-top was the crane scene. Actually, my friend and I also wondered why the bullet seemed to hurt him so much more than when he earlier got slashed across his chest." 20120705 1:16 AM PDT

Related: "My one friend views the movie through a different pair of eyes. Not in a bad way, but just different. From more of a history and movie industry point of view. Sam Raimi." 20120705 1:20 AM PDT

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This movie was expiring on Netflix and I wanted to watch something in the background.

On 20231119, Netflix determined the movie for me as a 97% match. I decided to give the movie a thumbs up|thumbs down|neither a thumbs up nor a thumbs down.
Instant Comments:
2: Huh. In this telling it seems his dad was involved in the spider research.
2: This scene is the Netflix scene. Very brave of Peter to defend even as a normal person
2: WTF. Random kid just kicked his camera
2: OSCORP badge
2: Oh. Curt Connors... that's... the Lizard? [yes]
2: Hehe. She seems to only half believe him, and yet let's him proceed
2: Hehe. The real Rodrigo Guevera is escorted out
2: He's not creeped out standing in front of a bunch of spiders?
2: Why spiders...
2: Huh. As the scene cuts to different angles, the collar of his jacket is at different places relative to his head - above/below and against/away from his hairline.
2: Haha. He caught a fly.
2: Did he just give away his dad's formula? Does it make sense to give away something his dad died protecting?
2: Huh. I don't remember that.
2: What a tense moment (Peter gets in a fight with his Uncle Ben)
2: Hehe. Need to spend $10 to take a penny
2: Why did Ben get involved? Nobody was in danger... he could have just stand aside. That would be common sense.
2: That's nice of Flash... despite Peter pinning him to the lockers in anger, or well perhaps that adds to the gravity of the situation, it's a tearjerker following the previous scene (I definitely didn't remember this movie being so emotional)
2: Hehe. They argue over the science of Spider-Man swinging (weight does not affect velocity but it affects momentum)
2: Hmm. Well his dad called Peter out on just having a personal vendetta
2: Oh wow. I totally didn't remember he revealed his identity to Gwen.
2: Oh yeah. I forgot that he sometimes reverts to himself.
2: Aww... miss these Stan Lee cameos
2: Hmm... why would he take off his mask?
2: Smile. "You Mother Hubbard."
2: Interesting priorities. Chasing a lizard and tries to stop Spider-Man.
2: Oh I see. I remember someone moved the cranes, but I thought it was Gwen's dad. Instead it's the result of the dad of the boy which Spider-Man saved
2: "Poor Peter Parker"
2: Hehe. Eggs.
2: Oh wow. She knew (or suspected) that her father made him promise
2: Does Aunt May not know at this point that he's Spider-Man? He came home all battered up...
2: "Don't make promises you can't keep, Mr. Parker." "Yeah, but those are the best kind."
2: Huh. What is that mid-credits scene about?

Released 20120703.
Watched 20120704 Theatres. Island Cinema [SPIDER 3D] 10:30PM $20.50
Watched 20231119 (Netflix) (Last day to watch 20231130) The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Marc Webb. 136 min

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