The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

I wrote: "One particular score reminded me of the score in Titanic (1997). In the credits, I found out why: James Horner. Great scenes. Better than what I was expecting (from having seen trailers). Sally Field was a great Aunt May. I thought she fit that role well. Watching all the webslinging in 3D was awesome. Coldplay song. I love how The Lizard turned out." 20120705 12:55 AM PDT
I continued writing: "After the main end credits, there's a snippet on the lizard. The movie nicely included various signature Spider-Man poses and also did his snarky commenting well. Cirque du Soleil." 20120705 1:07 AM PDT
I finished saying: "Oh right, he drops down into the wrestling center. I smiled at that. The only scene I viewed as being excessively over-the-top was the crane scene. Actually, my friend and I also wondered why the bullet seemed to hurt him so much more than when he earlier got slashed across his chest." 20120705 1:16 AM PDT

Related: "My one friend views the movie through a different pair of eyes. Not in a bad way, but just different. From more of a history and movie industry point of view. Sam Rami." 20120705 1:20 AM PDT

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Released 20120703.
Watched 20120704 Theatres. Island Cinema [SPIDER 3D] 10:30PM $20.50
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Marc Webb. 136 min

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