Mission: Impossible (1996)

Overview: The movie starts with Jim Phelps receiving a mission briefing. The IMF team gathers and proceeds with the mission. Of course, things get interesting when things go wrong. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) manages to survive and meets with IMF director Eugene Kittridge. Hunt learns that the IMF suspected a mole and being the only survivor, they're looking to bring him in. Innocent and unyielding, Hunt manages to escape. The remainder of the movie consists of Hunt trying to clear his name.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise)

I'm glad I got to watch this movie. It was mostly good fun. I enjoyed watching the well-known scene where Tom Cruise enters the secured room in Langley. There was so much suspense!


It was so long since I last saw the movie that I had forgotten which characters were bad and which were good. I did, however, remember the scene with the sleight of hand. In any case, its a fun action movie starring Tom Cruise!

Instant Comments:
1: The drunk couple was predictable.
1: Explosion shook me.
1: I love Tom Cruise's personality.
1: Drop was funny.
1: Was catching the sweat drop possible?
1: Why did the guy shoot the girl instead of Ethan?
1: The whole train scene is ridiculous.

Instant Comments:
2: The briefing video says "FOR THE EYES OF JIM PHELPS ONLY" but such a message seems useless in practice.
2: Ah, I didn't notice this the first time I watched: the condensed water on the cup drips down and falls on the floor, triggering the sensitive alarm.
2: Shouldn't the security guy notice there were three of them?
2: "Hey, there were three of you, where's the other guy?" Hahaha. Okay, that answers my previous question.
2: Haha, why didn't he use these sort of climbing grips in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)?
2: Ha, Hunt screams out in sort of a laugh when he attaches the cable to the train.
2: The ending is so over the top its ridiculous. 1) The helicopter is able to fly through the tunnel. 2) Krieger tries to kill Hunt with the helicopter blades. 3) Hunt uses the gum to blow the copter and manages to get blown back onto the train. 4) The blade.

Watched 20110817 (Blu-ray)
Watched 20130604 (Netflix, Instant)
Mission: Impossible (1996) Brian De Palma. 110 min.

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