Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the second Indiana Jones movie and a prequel to the first one, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep throughout the movie. Overall, I didn't like the movie as much as the first one. With that being said, it had some fun scenes and I'll have to watch the movie again when I'm fully alert to better enjoy it.

For now, the next Indiana Jones movie I'm going to watch is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

On a different note, I'd rewatch Raiders of the Lost Ark before rewatching Temple of Doom.

[20110822][20190202 Edit]

Today I rewatched this movie. Unlike my previous viewing, I did not fall asleep.

Overall, the movie has some enjoyable scenes, but I'm not a fan of the loosely thought out plot. For example, the film's supporting character Willie tags alongside Indy after escaping with him from Shanghai. However, it seems to me as if they should have simply parted ways in India. Did she really need to continue following him? Then there's Short Round, who single-highhandedly takes on several grown guards in a scene towards the end of the movie.

Instant Comments:
2: These opening ten minutes are good

2: I was just about to ask... [20190718: ?}
1: Lol, Short Round!
2: Why does Lao Che want Jones dead so badly? I thought the original reason for killing Jones was to recover the diamond.
1: Lol, a little too ridiculous (with the dropping of the gun)
2: Haha. Lao Che aircraft.
1: OMG, this whole jumping out of the aircraft with a raft, sliding down a mountain, and landing on the water... ridiculous. 2: The jump from the cliff into the water was much more ridiculous than the jump from the aircraft onto the mountain.

1: Oh jeez... the girl being all annoying. [20190706: Apparently she's on many 'Annoying Movie Characters of All Time' lists. For example, here (35th in an ongoing list currently with 810 characters), here (6th in a list with 12 characters), and here (3rd in an ongoing list currently with 72 characters); at least she's not as annoying as Jar Jar Binks who got 2nd, 1st, and 1st, respectively]
2: I see. There's a supernatural aspect (destiny) which Indy doesn't quite believe (as would be his personality)
2: "The biggest trouble with her is the noise."
1: "That's why they call it the jungle sweetheart."
1: After she calms down, the dialogue is alright.
2: Indy's fear of snakes. Note that Willie supposedly thinks the snake is the elephant trunk, but tosses it very unlike tossing an elephant's trunk. She throws it clear across her as opposed to brushing it off.

2: What's inside the snake? [It's live baby eels.]
2: "I had bugs for lunch."
2: Chilled monkey brains. I think I'd be down to try the eels and the bugs, but I'd have second thoughts on the monkey brains.
1,2: LOLOL the best expression on his face. "Willie, we are going to die."
2: This entire scene with Willie rescuing them was good.
2: The hat again.
1: Oh man the heart. 2: I don't think it should be so easy to dig one's fingers through someone's chest and rip out their heart. Though I guess there's some other explanation because the victim was still alive.
2: The slash here (before the cart scene) and the slash earlier (before saving Willie) both looked fake/weak.

2: Uh. Green screen?
1: [I fell asleep somewhere around here. My eyes opened and closed throughout the rest of the movie.]
1: [I saw the scene on the bridge.]
2: Hahaha. Strong bridge.
2: Hehe. Indy was gonna pull his gun in Indy fashion.
2: How did Molo Ram beat Indy to the bridge?
1: [I saw the ending.]
1=20110819, 2=20190705

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Steven Spielberg. 118 min.

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My sister snapped a picture of me dozing off during the movie (20110819). I don't know what woke me, but as I was opening my eyes, I saw her standing between me and the television holding a phone in front of her (my whole family currently has the same cell phone). I remained relatively still, drowsily lying on the couch, and smiling. Perhaps I was returning her smile, I don't remember.

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