Seven Pounds (2008)

Watched 20110429 (McNaughton Plan from Eisenhower Library) (Widescreen)
Seven Pounds (2008) Gabriele Muccino. 123 min.

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I recommend seeing this movie without reading any synopses/summaries and without watching any trailers. Note that movie credits might also give away the plot. For these reasons I do not provide links to the movie's IMDb page, Wikipedia page, or page.

I loved the way the movie was told. It was mysterious and kept me engaged. This method of storytelling gives the movie a Momento (2000) feel.

Will Smith is a great actor. He brings to this movie the range of emotions he had in Pursuit of Happyness (2006).

This movie has similarities to the movie Crash (2004). The two movies share the general mood and interaction among several characters. They also share a similar type of ending.

I'm not completely fond of the ending. I don't want to ruin the ending, so I won't say why. I will say there will be many people who will dislike the ending, because of the message or implications it carries. I don't exactly fall into that category. Like I said, I'm just not fond of it.

Overall, I enjoyed watching the movie. If you're looking for the type of drama Will Smith brought to Pursuit of Happyness you might enjoy this movie. However, I'd recommend you be in the mood to get an ending similar to Crash.

Most Memorable Dialogue:
Larry: Hey, how much longer are you gonna stay in my hotel?
Ben Thomas: Motel.
Larry: How much longer?
Ben Thomas: Actually, I was planning on dying here.
Larry: Well, then you need to pay in advance.

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Instant Comments:
This movie starts off so intensely.
Very mysterious.
The character, nicely portrayed, has a way with words.
So mysterious. (Elevator) Haha briefcase.
I like the use of Will Smith's worried facial expression, very powerful. The same facial expression I remember from The Pursuit of Happyness (2006), when he's in the restroom blocking the door with his foot.
It partially stops being confusing here (his brother finds him). But not entirely.
The discordant music during this next scene was interesting.

Also Watched:
Deleted Scenes. There are four. The third and fourth are short and don't have any real impact on the movie.
The Box Jellyfish: World's Deadliest Co-Star. This special feature has a aquarium director talking about the box jellyfish. It starts with the scene where Will Smith character describes the box jellyfish. Goes to the aquarium director. The special feature cuts to the climax of the movie, and the director begins to talk about the pain that survivors describe with respect to the sting.
Emily's Passion: The Art of the Printing Press. This special feature goes through some of the presses found at a museum that is said to have basically the entire history of the printing press. A man talks about six or seven different machines throughout the history, including the two in the movie, and one that was suppose to be "The Beast" but wasn't because it worked inconsistently.

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