Gladiator (2000)

Maximus (Russell Crowe)

Gladiator was introduced to me as a must-watch movie which I should have seen earlier. As such, I had high expectations going into it.

Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris)

Unfortunately, and in part because I was studying and not paying full attention, I didn't exactly enjoy the film.

Joaquin Phoenix's character Commodus was overly whiny. One scene where he was all by himself and whiny set him apart from the protagonist Maximus (Russell Crowe); Caroline and I laughed at him.

Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix)

Another difference between Maximus and Commodus came about when Commodus was being disgusting.

At one point during the movie I heard the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) theme and this observation was not unfounded.

Lucilla (Connie Nelson)

While Klaus Badelt was the composer for The Curse of the Black Pearl, apparently Zimmer (the composer for Gladiator) was asked to work on the film, but was busy with The Last Samurai and recommended Badelt instead while contributing various themes.

Proximo (Oliver Reed)

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Watched 20100311
Gladiator (2000) Ridley Scott. 155 min.

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