Black Widow (2021)

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Making a note that I rewatched a part of this movie when my brother-in-law was staying over. I recall we were drinking a bottle of Tsingtao and I have a note that estimates drinking that bottle on 20220411. In any case, we only watched the first half of the movie at which point we called it a night. More specifically, we stopped watching after Yelena and Natasha helped Alexei escape (and they're in the helicopter having a discussion whre in Yelena angrily describes the destruction of her uterus).
Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh)

Instant Comments:
1a: I figure she would grow up to hunt this man... but I'm not sure about her father, would she want to kill him aas well?
1a: Wonder what would be in the mail...what will prompt her to check it?
1a: Whoa. I kinda figured something would go wrong. I didn't expect a side swipe like that.
1a: Haha Yelena mocks Natasha's poses

Alexei (David Harbour) shows how proud he is of Natasha and Yelena

1a: Oh "super soldier"; that explains why he was able to lift the cart at beginning of film
1a: Lol Natasha makes a pose, followed by Yelena commenting, "Such a poser"
1a: Lol some humor from Alexei
2b: Resume the movie. Natasha talks with Alexei in the back of the helicopter
2b: Haha, the helicopter lands.
2b: Hehe, he's so happy that they must have killed so many people
1a,2b: Hahaha "still fits" ... "I never washed it once"
1a: Lol. The sexual tension joke.

Melina (Rachel Weisz)

1a: On the one hand Melina seems to have betrayed them but on the other hand, she is leading them directly to Dreykov which is exactly what Natasha wanted... so... who's to say it isn't a planned doublecross in the making. she did after all save the album
2b: It is a kind of movie misdirection. Due to knowing what happens, Melina would have realistically spoken that same statement to Natasha differently. In other words, it's only purpose is to trick the viewer.
2b: "This is a much less cool way to die."
2b: Hahaha. "You don't have earpiece."
1b: 38 min remaining (Alexei / Red Guardian is left to fight Antonia)
1b: Smile, Yelena tries out the pose; 2b: "Ugh, that was disgusting."
1b: I feel like she's goading him... maybe to alter the phermones he's giving off?

Natasha and Yelena

1b: Holy crap. Sever the nerve.
2b: Huh. I don't remember that she was able to gain access because she took his ring. I thought it was biometrically activated
2b: She picks up two vials (kind of amazing they didn't all break in the explosion)
1b: Wow. Grabs a second one. That was really cool. Wait it seemed like she grabbed a second but she only grabbed.... [watched it over, she loses the pack she started with and quickly grabs another]
2b: Does it make sense to release a chute among so much debris?
2b: Does she wear this vest with pockets in Infinity Wars? [Yes]
1b: Kind of sad (as her "family" departs) figuring her eventual fate in Endgame... 2b: Ross only comes in with ground troops...
2b: Was her hair blonde with this cut throughout Infinity War? [Yes, and in Endgame, her hair is red with blonde tips]

1b: Precredits is she's reunited with the Avengers craft, an event that leads into Avengers: Infinity War.

Natasha and Mason (O-T Fagbenle)

1b: Grave. Sad face.
1b: Is that Tina Fey? [No, its Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who I guess some people would be familiar with from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier but I havent seen that yet]
2b: I see, so this is a scene that ties into Hawkeye
1a=20211029, 1b=20211030, 2b=20220609
Watched first 100 minutes 20211029, remaining 38 minutes 20211030 (Disney+)
Watched first half 2022041#, second half 20220609 (Disney+)
Black Widow (2021) Cate Shortland. 134 min


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