Forest of Piano

I have so many notes that I'll be looking to copy and paste without any further edits.

forest of piano. first episode, [one scene: kid not stupid. memory. genius.] as ajino walks through the forest ada says it's probably his and then he says it was his. (10:22 PM)
second episode. ajino is a good teacher. enter competition good one. ah thought amamiya would be super angry but ended up super positive. episode 3. haha Wendy. nooo we only get to see amamiya's performance in this episode. who will win? ada thinks amamiya in this comp. i think 66% kai and 33% this girl. hmm... because I guess as ada said it's such an early in the story that one would wonder how it proceeds if he wins. and yet everybody expects amamiya to win so it'd be weird if he won (11:18 PM)
fourth episode. i guess kai would win. Ada laughs as kai says toilet princess. ada figures he's disqualified, I would agree based on the other show we watched. he just wants to play the minute waltz. fifth episode. hehe competition god. she has to win something new what would have been overturned for... [okay]. sixth episode. hehe playing in public. unexpected outcome for kai. (20191207 12:07 AM)
piano of the forest. five years later. next episode. the girl. hopefully nothing bad comes from tracking him down. tendonitis. broken string and personal arrangement. episode 9. prelim for chopin competition. amamiya. ajino meets with rei, ada asks what she gives him, I say its the piano key. (11:31 PM)
episode 10. wei peng. similar to ajino's sound. adamski. episode 11. new character lech. episode 12 haha gust of wind. no break. identical song choice. minute waltz. fist. (10:44 PM)
The second season begins. In the notes that follows, the episode numbers may be written offset by 12. For example S2E13 is to mean the thirteenth episode overall and the first episode of the second season, i.e., S2E01.
forest of piano. s2e13 not so interesting except adamski getting dropped but his old teacher came and supports him and realizes adamski's set. s2e14. wow, wei pangs background is intense. s2e15. so shuhei finds his piano but his father is focused on scores. then there's a question about scoring... poor adamski. I still dont understand the implications though. (8:55 PM)

forest of piano. s2e16 lech's backstory is short (emilia). kai to followup. first half of Kai's performance... dang that one judge so biased. s2e17 ajino's intentions are made known to the conductor - to set Kai free. s2e18. Shuhei doesnt believe Kai (Kai likes Shuhei's piano). the judge is reassuring Shuhei's father, I joke that Shuhei cut off his hands. Finally Shuhei and his father reconcile. (9:48 PM)
forest of piano. s2e19. appropriate ending (11:12 PM)
forest of piano. 20. before the intro i ask ada if he thinks the hand thing is serious, it hasn't been brought up yet. I figure it is but Ada says perhaps its just tendonitis. under arrest. haha this guy listening in. good thing nothing malice came of the c eavesdropping. 21. what a chance meeting between Wei Pang and Ajino. The question however is how will Kai fare... he has been meditating on the plains as if it'll be the secret key. amamiya thinks Wei Pang automatically beat Kai, Ada thinks so, I'm still rooting for Kai... we'll just have to see. 22. what a risky thing to play with new gloves (perhaps he's played with gloves before). hehe student of sosoke ajino and the piano of the forest. oh okay he's not playing with gloves. let it ride on the wind. 23. nice pressure by the one guy to make judging public. kai ichinose rearranged is best pianist in the world according to takako. (20191219 10:52 AM)
24. final episode of forest of piano. fitting end but anticlimatic perhaps. well the surprise with the hand doctor was interesting. Ada and I were wondering Ajino or Kai for a while and when the doctor said Kai wanted to win the competition first was when I knew it was for Ajino. (9:44 PM)

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