Dave Chappelle: Equanimity (2017)

On my way home from LAX, I was driving and listening to music but then I decided to look for something on Netflix. Since I was driving, I decided to pick a comedy special - something I could listen to and not worry about visuals.

In any case, I listened to the first 46 minutes on the road and watched the rest later when I got home. Then I decided to watch the entire special for a second time.

Instant Comments:
A: laughter at the punchline without a joke
A: This whole bit about growing up in Silver Springs is good [though not the final punchline]
A: Hmm. Wasn't really that funny (joke leading up to "Kick her in the pussy."); though maybe cause I wasn't watching and just listening

A: "Ma'am with all due respect, Chinese don't buy DVDs."
A: I'm not against him telling transgender jokes, but I didn't like his bit about "the hilarity of their situation."
A: "There's only two songs left."
A: Punchline to his son calling him.
A: Punchline to address.
A: His commentary on poor white voters in line at the voting polls.
A: "It felt like I was lucky enough to eat Halle Berry's pussy. And while doing so..."
A: "For what n***a so iPhones can cost $9000?"

B: "It would be catastrophic to my bottom line."
B: He deals with the heckler and vape pen well.
B: "I didn't know that shit either."
B: I like the follow-up. Especially "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" and "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" ("Oh, his name is my name, too.")
B: Emmett Till (Wikipedia.org) [The Wikipedia article doesn't quite line up with what Chapelle said, but his overall message via his interpretation of the events is nonetheless interesting and worth listening to]
B: Elephant
A=20191205 2PM & 9PM, B=20191205 8PM & 9PM

Watched first 46 minutes 201912052PM & remaining 14 minutes 20191205 8PM (Netflix, Instant)
Watched 20191205 9PM (Netflix, Instant)
Dave Chappelle: Equanimity (2017) Stan Lathan. 60 min

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