Hi Score Girl

Today I decided to watch Hi Score Girl.

Akira Ono (JP: Sayumi Suzushiro / EN: Christine Marie Cabanos) (S1E1)

On 20190728, Netflix determined the series for me as a 93% match. I decided to give the series a thumbs up.

English audio and English subtitles. The subtitles don't match the English dubbing.
Hi Score Girl*
*Hai Sukoa Garu

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1: Ono kicks the guy and punches the girl.
1: Hahaha. Is she a masochist? Or perhaps a sadist?
1: Hehe. Both lollipops

Akira and Haruo Yaguchi (JP: Kohei Amasaki / EN: Johnny Yong Bosch) (S1E2)

1b: Picked up from their eating on the hill and they begin walking home.
1b: She's happy and has new motivation
1a=20190728, 1b=20190908

1: Hehe. Bones.
1: Based on Aliens.
1: Wow. So much emotion without words.
1: Lol. All the games talking to him.
1: Awwww. She's crying.

Akira hugs Haruo before leaving to the States (S1E3)

1: I didn't realize there'd be such a negative attitude towards arcades
1: Haha. What a fan boy (he commentates on the Super Street Fighter opening).
1: He sounds like he's too addicted

1: A natural talent.
1: Lol. WTF. (physical fighting after video game fighting)
1: Quiet, reserved, and pretty.
1: His mom is hilarious. "The kind of pancakes you see in mangas."
1: Boxes. I ruined the original Styrofoam interior to the Sega Genesis.
1: Aw. Poor Hidaka. (she observes that Haruo doesn't notice her)

Koharu Hidaka (JP: Yuki Hirose / EN: Erika Harlacher)

1: New intro. At least, I didn't notice Hidaka in the intro of the previous episode, but I noticed her in this one. [I thought the intro had changed, because it was the first time I noticed Hidaka in it, but apparently she's been part of the intro since the first episode]
1: Hehe. She's thinking about her personality.
1: Hahahaha. "What's this? This feeling. It's like I felt it before. The feeling of that hood. It's nostalgic in a way."

1: What a dumbass. Haha. "Can I borrow it?"
1: Lol. All that brainstorming: "Just like a thorn in my side."
1: Haha. "This is like... a date."


1: Hmm. He got a miracle. (the opponent didn't correctly unlock Akuma)

1: I wonder if she's actually mute.
1: HAHAHA. Even his own mother thought he shouldn't try
1: HA! His consoles taunt him.
1: His number didn't show.

Genta Doi (JP: Daiki Yamashita / EN: Kyle McCarley) and Kotaro Miyao (JP: Kazuyuki Okitsu / EN: Lucien Dodge)

1a: "I'm so worthless."
1a: (he reflects on his loss against Hidaka) He lost against Hidaka, but it was because he didn't play as his main (Guile)
1b: It's weird how the show seems to be centered around Haruo, but the title is called "Hi Score Girl."
1b: "Does the Gameboy version count as practice?"
1b: The King of Fighters '94
1a=20190908, 1b=20190909

1: She's even good at basketball.

Akira and Haruo

1: What? The curtain goes in the water?
1: My goodness. Hidaka lets it out of the bag. But she doesn't let him speak at all.
1: "My own Saturn."

1: How dare this woman approach Haruo in this manner?
1: Wow. Nice! Haruo's mom is awesome.
1: "She suggested I had pervy motives. How ridiculous! As if I would ever have pervy motives. My motives were pretty pervy though." Haha. The introduction of her older sister is good.

Koharu gets angry at Haruo (S1E14)

1: Hehe. Her reaction to losing.

1: "This is such a nice song." - Haruo's mom
1: "She's been taking her studies head on lately." So she's mad that Ono studies more when she's having fun.
1: "For someone who doesn't speak, she sure handles silence poorly."

Haruo's mom Namie (JP: Satomi Arai / EN: Cindy Robinson), Koharu, and Akira's sister Makoto (JP: Chinatsu Akasaki / EN: Cristina Vee) watch Haruo play a romance game (S1E15)

I guess the full song is longer, but this is the part that is sung in the end credits:
10 kaunto de owaru
Sekai wa monokuro datta

Asa no tanren
Ichi ni nosanshide
Gōgō gakkō

NASA no inbō
Shinogo no iwazu ni
Tōkyō kankō daitōryō

Tōgekō wa kōkyū-sha de
Aisatsu wa go kigen-yō

John Lennon Wa korosareta no
Taikutsu na jugyō
Esukeipu kidotte

10 kaunto de owaru
Hazu datta
Sekai ga irozuku
Enkaunto de
Chīsana kakumei datta

Hōka-go disutorakushon
Hōka-go disutorakushon

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