My Beautiful Broken Brain (2014)

My favorite visual in the documentary was the implementation of visibility to understand the Lotje's visual impairments. Though it might have been overused.

Lotje Sodderland

I thought it was interesting that reading and writing use different pathways in the brain. I guess it would hardly surprise anyone if someone can speak but not write. So the fact that writing and reading are also different should, for a similar reason, not be a surprise. In particular, it's likely that we can teach children to write (e.g., writing the letters "C" "A" "T") but not being able to read what they've written.

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0:02 I've felt faint/fainted twice before and the moments leading up to it, where I lose control of my body is the strangest feeling. I need to update it with some new info, but it's detailed here: I Accidentally Cut Myself (Will it Stop Bleeding?)

0:04 Vomit and excrement.
0:09 She initially says "Plate" before realizing she meant "Place"
0:10 Interesting test.
0:13 It's like she has a bunch of connections, and get places, but has to go the long way around. It's like persons who learn a second language but do it through translation. Those persons always have to go through their first language (essentially taking extra steps to speak the second language).
0:14 She can repeat the word but not come up and say it herself!
0:16 The audio here is great story-telling.

0:17 That's interesting, you wouldn't know just meeting her after her injury. I was going to say earlier something to the effect that "too bad she isn't a poet". But in fact her profession involved writing and her friends and family describe her as articulate.
0:29 David Lynch (; Twin Peaks
0:41 She can write, but can't read. She describes it as the words disappearing. The person explains it as different pathways.
0:51 [I'm a bit sleepy here. Because me, not cause the film]
0:52 Rebuild connections.
1:03 "Anything can happen at any time to any degree. Um, so... I better not have faith in anything." (A grim, but realistic outlook.)

1:07 Oh, the chart, lower is better, because it's 2.2 seconds per word to 1.5 seconds per word.
1:12 The philosophical question. "If the physical body, the brain, is damaged, does this extend to damage to the self?"
1:18 "reality... is only... what we believe and perceive to be true."

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