Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I watched first three episodes.

Jerry Seinfeld

On 20180713, Netflix determined the series for me as a 98% match.

I watched episodes four and five.

On 20191018, Netflix determined the series for me as a 84% match.

Guest: Stephen Colbert

Today I watched episodes six to eight.

On a different note, I realized today that the series was originally released back in 2012 and distributed on Crackle. Then, in 2018, the show was moved to Netflix where the first nine seasons were combined into four collections.

Guest: Jimmy Fallon

First Cup

C1:E1: (S6:E3 - Jim Carrey)

Guest: Kristen Wiig

C1:E2: (S5:E7 - Jimmy Fallon, part 1)

C1:E3: (S5:E8 - Jimmy Fallon, part 2)
Ha. "Do you get nervous [...]" "How much have you really used airbags?"
"Did you get the prize yet?" I like that story with Jack Nicholson.

Guest: Sarah Jessica Parker

C1:E4: (S1:E4 - Alec Baldwin)
Alec Baldwin. "Are you surprised?"
Haha. Story of Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas
References Jack Nicholson and Five Easy Pieces diner scene [I never saw the movie before, I went to go watch the scene on YouTube. Brilliant.]
Haha. "Rapier." [I did, in fact, pronounce it the way Jerry pronounces it but never thought about the comical realization about how it might sound]
Smile. Jerry points out how (generally speaking) kids (as opposed to adults) would invite you in while they're pooping.

Guest: Trevor Noah

C1:E5: (S6:E6 - Stephen Colbert)
My goodness, what an awesome dashboard.
George C. Scott (Patton)
On the topic of Whiplash. "I've got a feeling that's not how you get good at boxing, but I like Rocky."
Ha! Clown.
Ha. A lull while in the car.

Guest: Jim Carrey

C1:E6: (S4:E1 - Sarah Jessica Parker)
Huh. Good story. "Don't you wish you had a car." "No, I just wish it wasn't raining."
The government. Pretty good except it might make your kid overly paranoid.
Haha. Interesting discussion on tips.
The 5 and the 4. [Quora: What's with the 5/4 on the left side of an AM radio dial?]

C1:E7: (S6:E5 - Trevor Noah)
Smile. Social media enables people to do everything in their underwear.

Guest: Alec Baldwin

C1:E8: (S9:E1 - Kristen Wiig)
Jerry Seinfeld pokes fun at hipsters (and bikes with one gear).
Mushroom coffee.
Ukulele album: Blouse (Spotify)
Smile. Asks for doughnuts at House of Pies.
"Some coffee would be nice."

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