Ghost in the Shell (2017)

For the most part, I really wanted to enjoy this movie, but it fell short of my visual expectations. This, however, is not necessarily a fault of the filmmakers, as the transition from animation to live action can often be a tough one to swallow.

As such, between this version and Ghost in the Shell (1995), I'd recommend the latter.


Instant Comments:
The movie started weird. It would have been better if filmed from Major's eyes as she woke up.
Scarlett Johansson doesn't look the part. She looks like a wannabe Milla Jovovich.
In any case, perhaps I thought she doesn't look the part because I expected Major to look more Asian [20171111: I read today that regardless of Major's true identity, her shell can have any skin color; in other words, a robot body does not have an ethnicity.]
This stealth suit doesn't look as hot as the stealth suit in the anime. It's especially unfortunate, because Scarlett Johannson is beautiful
The action thus far is okay.
I enjoy Scarlett much better as Black Widow.
I don't understand why she can't make a backup copy of her mind.
She must be respecting privacy when she asks the girl if she's human.
They should have either made the suit with a more skin-like color or add more color to it.
That "enemy" has the best look in the movie.
Shitty dialogue.
Her scuba suit looks nice.
"Don't send a rabbit to kill a fox."

Watched 20170805 (in-flight entertainment)
Ghost in the Shell (2017) Rupert Sanders. 107 min [bot Japanese manga otsn by Masamune Shirow]

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