Arrested Development

Today after finishing the first episode of the second season, I watched a recap of the first season which is the first thirteen and a half minutes of this YouTube video:
1: "A trick is something a whore does for money."
1: Hahaha. "They can not divorce a husband and wife for the same crime." "Yeah, I don't think that's true dad."
1: "It was really your brother we were interested in. You don't even have any references." "Is that enough of a reference for you?"
0=Seen at least once before, 1=20130904

Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman)

1: "You stay on top of her buddy. Do not be afraid to ride her. Hard."
1: Lol. That doubles the losses: "Banana. Take a buck. Banana. Take a buck."
1: "Hey I think you should do the math again." Right on, dude. Right on!
1: Lol. "There's money in the banana stand."
1: Too funny.
0=Seen at least once before, 1=20130904

Lindsay Bluth Funke (Portia de Rossi)

1: "Soy loco por los corn balls!"
1: Haha. "It's personal."
1: 11 months in the womb.
1: Wait, when did Buster get there?
1: "It's like she gets off on being withholding."
0=Seen at least once before, 1=20161104*
*I was wondering what I recently saw Jeffrey Tambor in and the answer was Hellboy.

Gob Bluth (Will Arnett)

1: "I'll see you when you realize what that bucket's for."
0=Seen once before*, 1=20161104
*I initially didn't recognize this episode. But then they showed the truck.

0=Seen at least once before, 1=20161104

George-Michael Bluth (Michael Cera)

0=Probably saw this once before, 1=20161104


1: "That doesn't sound like you, that sounds like Mom."
*I don't remember this episode at all.

Maeby Funke (Alia Shawkat)

1: Ha. "Which brother?" "Gob." Michael continues biking.
*I don't remember this episode at all. I suspect that I only ever watched up to the seventh episode.

1: Haha. George Michael's talking to himself over his studies.
1: Hahahaha. Buster hands George Michael $225.
1: Hahahahaha. "And that's why you don't teach lessons to your son."

Buster Bluth (TonyHale)

1: Haha. "That leaves me out."

1: I'm glad the episode somewhat resolved.

1: Hahahaha. "You're sensitive like a woman." "That's enough." Hahahahaha

Need a screenshot of Tobias



1: He went to brush his hair and then didn't! References his old Fonzie character on Happy Days.

George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor)

1: Clever. "Justice is blind."

1=20161107 12:00AM

1=20161107 12:24AM

Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter)

1: This is a great episode.
1: HA! "Now there's someone who could have used a good mother. WHORE!"
1=20161107 12:48AM

1: Lol. Michael, Gob, Lindsay, and Tobias at the mall.

1: "What Will I Look Like?"
1: Ha. Three people directly tell Gob no one cares about him.
1: Hmm. Sounds too underwhelming to be true: Back taxes.
1: Atkin's diet all over this episode.
1: "Have they always been that big?"
1: HA! Tobias changed all the gender pronouns to he as opposed to what's typically done.
1: Lol. It was obvious from the setup that the doctor meant lost in the other sense.

1a: HAHAHA. Tobias honks the horn as Michael is about to finish the sentence. ("your husband might be a {honk}"
1b: HAHAHAHA. lap driving...
1b: Hahaha. "But it might work for us."
1b: Huh, was it previously revealed that Oscar is Buster's dad?
1b: Hahaha. "I'm afraid I just 'blue' myself"
1b: Oh shit. That's why "Oscar" tried to take the case
1a=unknown, 1b=20230531

1: To be fair, the way he looked away did seem to indicate he was really rejecting her
1: Hahaha. "Why should they..."
1: Smile. Ha. Very clever. They reversed the situation between Oscar and George Sr.
1: Hahahahaahah. The house falls apart.
1: Haha. Diamond cream.

1: Smile. Said he wouldn't count it. Comes back after having counted it asking for more.
1: Hahahaha. "Oh, I'm sorry, your wife is dead."
1: Hehe. Lucille's suspicious reaction to Gob
1: Repeat joke. "I think if I 'blue' myself early"
1: How is his vision good enough to recognize his mother, but not his mother's housekeeper?
1: Smile. "I don't like her"

1; Ben Stiller!
1: Hehe. "Egg"
1: HAHAHA. He removed his mants.
1: LOL. How random.
1: Hahaha. John Wayne impression, "I'm gonna build an airport and put my name on it"
1: Love it. There's still a hole in the wall from an earlier episode.
1: Hahahaha. "Her?" "She's really funny." "Well let's hope so."
1: Hehe. "I have pop-pop in the attic." and Michael thinks his son is referring to making love.
1: Hahahahaha. Gob falls out the trap door
1: Smile. "Poof Goof of the Year"

1: Hehe. High five.
1: It's funny cause of her raspy voice
1: Huh. She gave a face of suspicion as he left
1: Smile. Barry recognizes the photo as close-up of balls (testicles).
1: Hahaha. "I've seen these before."

1: Never made it past U.C. Irvine
1: Hehe. I'd love to hear an adlib version of what he really could have said in this sexual harassment speech. [LOL just read a 27 day old reddit post on this topic]
1: HAHAHAHA. "Question is... how do I get it in her?" [...] "Maybe I put it in her brownie." (the writer's repeatedly make use of this type of joke)
1: Smile. Repeat of "Afternoon Delight" on karaoke
1: Hehe. Gob dropped by Buster

1: Smile. Sexual innuendo. He says "Maybe you could go... downtown" and leans back in his chair. Then Lucille breaks out in song. Which is of course fitting because that's exactly the job she had
1: Whoa. Ann is a wall.
1: Hehe that chipped tooth.
1: Smile. "You are coming to the front."


1: Hahaha. Her request for him to say 364 days comment should the situation arise and his refusal
1: HAHAHAHA. Gun show loophole.
1: Hehe. Tobias shot Lindsey.
1: Aww... poor Michael

1: HAHA Both Lindsey and Gob doing a chicken dance at Michael
1: Hehe spitting up
1: Huh. Lindsay didn't have to yell at Dragon
1: Smile. Tobias reviews his speech from a recorder as suggested by Michael

1: Nice. He finally gota date with Sally Sitwell
1: HAAHAHA. "Hello, Ma'am" (Michael treats Ann like a stranger)
1: "Make them pee in a cup right in from of me"
1: HAHAHAHA. Lucille forces a situation where Tobias exhibits denial soon after he explains it to her
1: Smile. That's a good twist. George Senior saying "I'm not your uncle, I'm your father" being a truth that doubles as a reveal
1: HA! "Show me."

1: Though just cause she's pregnant, doesn't mean the kid is his
1: HAHAHAAHA. "MY partner's inside with his gun drawn."
1: "You have got to be kidding me." (I guess she wouldn't have taken Plan B if she thought it wasn't possible for her to get pregnant)

1: "ARM OFF"
1: Hehe. "Who wants to take their top off?"
1: Huh. Just a single person in the family would need to sign off. That wouldn't make sense to me.
1: George Sr. did not hesitate to confront Tobias
1: Smile. Buster falls and goes crashing through the skylight.
1: Hehe. Gob ruins what would have otherwise been a lucky out. What an idiot.
1: Amy Poehler's role is "Bride of Gob"

1: Hahaha. Michael dancing around the fact that he lost the race for student body president.
1: Smile. Ann's speech about their eventual first sex
1: Hahaha. Hahaha. Maeby instinctively said "Marry me." (her job in the movie industry)
1: HAHA! "I no does Buster anymore." "Fine. I'll dustbuster."
1: A mix of Mrs. Doubtfire and Mary Poppins [Narrator soon says "It was the exact plot of the film 'Mrs. Doubtfire.' There was also some 'Mary Poppins' in there."
1: No way... oh... but it makes sense. Gob had mentioned in the other episode (or perhaps earlier in this episode) about how he had sex with a girl in high school and then he denied it

1: Ha! That's good. George Senior after Maeby. Too good.
1: Hehe. Still needs three stamps
1: Hahaha. He has switched from "count" to "state" to "Southern California"
1: HA! Fake out. Wasn't a trick
1: They probably just went down a floor
1: HAHAHA. They're clapping for cutting off Gob's fingers

1: "banger in the mouth" "sausage in the mouth"
1: HAHAHAA. "Never too late to start." (implying Gob has yet to make him proud)
1: HAHAHA. Umbrella
1: Hahaha. "Take me to your secular world."
1: Haha. "you must teach me the ways of the secular flesh"

1: Narrator pokes fun at the narration of Scandlemakers
1: Lol. Failed intervention.
1: "Do you really think I look college-aged"
1: Hahaha. He points to the dolls
1: Surfboard.
1: Haha. Haha. "THat's easy for you to say, you already have a hat."
1: Interesting. Buster never had alchohol before
1: The cameraman covers the the camera
1: "It's just Mom and whores"
1: Smile. "And that's how you narrate a story"
1: Hehe. Double loss. Though realistically, I don't think a cooler could keep semen cold for an extended time

1: Ha! "I like the way they think."
1: Those lyrics.
1: HAHAHAHAHA. The lawyer winks at the other lawyer.
1: Haha. The screen censor when Lucille shows Oscar her breasts
1: HAHA. "Dad's gonna be crushed" (apparently literally)
1: LOL. Poor Oscar
1: Andy Samberg
1: George Sr. as a blue man

smile. dont buy
haha! "something came up" michael to gob (who realizes it is worse)
hehe cancels on his son
hehe "good chance for you to rub off on her"
ohhhh. Michael clears up the letter. he explains to Gob that Gob is the dad and Steve Holt is the son.
hehe George Bluth dragging it away while Michael is still inside
Maeby ends up kissing her other cousin

ha! "I guess I shouldn't have used the permanent marker"
haha! cookoo ca cha followed by his mom and sister
huh. for some reason Charlize Theron's character looks familiar... I wonder if somehow I've seen some episodes in this season. basically somehow Michael ends up dating Rita but she's mentally the age of a kid
hahahaha free as a bird and throws out pennies (when earlier he said pennies and out came a bird)

this actor replacing Barry... I think they were on the same show [to be honest, I recognized the actor from Charles in Charge, but they did both appear on Happy Days][oh... Ron Howard is the narrator and one of the main character in the first few seasons of Happy Days]
hahahahah hahahaha that's so comedic "Bob Loblaw" (sounds like blah blah blah) hahahahaha so genius
Arrested Development (narrator says "hey that's the name.of the show)
it took a moment. the show called Losing It was renamed to the 14 Year Old Virgin and the one about sexual assault was renamed to Losing It
hahahahah. so creepy in a humorous way ("drive Lindsay!)
huh... I didn't know roofies are illegal

this sounds familiar "dont come in here dont come in here". perhaps I've seen these sequence of episodes
"you need to decide if you want a man or a boy. I'd know how I'd answer" hahahahaha
hahahaha "she can stand!"

hahaha Quicken Premier
smile. "no I wanna deduct it"
hahahahaha that's comedy gold. "this room or someone in it has a wired listening device" as the camera switches around and the punchline is the surrogate.
hahahaha. the investor comments (she was just out of vodka)
m.r.f. explained
hehe he knew from her drawing of a hand what her intentions were

hah! the twist: "it was Stuckeys"
ha! real cricket magazine
2.95 a minute. 3 dollars a minute is 180 dollars an hour. let's say 10 hours. 1800 dollars. expensive but perhaps not that bad for his family
"I can't see half of them"
ha! she opens the door to say "be careful" and Michael turns to say "I will". was she out of sight?
hehe his Star Wars video again
aww... "you're such a grown up"
Rita walks across the water. probably like glass
hahahahahaha. the punchline ("it's an illusion")
does he want to cremate the turtle to smoke the ashes... or get high off the fumes? but given this is Arrested Development... perhaps multiple people will get high off the fumes
haha "anything can happen when you share a cell cuz"


ha! dove on counter
hehe same line as Lindsay ("you want me to be explicit?")
hahaha "is it going to be unscripted like Curb?"
smile the Bob Loblaw Law Blog
I have a suspicion that Michael was thinking ahead of his father that Gob would work with him but I didnt guess that Gob would be in on it
lol. Buster
"Yellow Boat" plays during credits

3D glasses
hehe Andy Richter
hahahaha "I love my cousin" "I love you too"
breaking fourth wall ("West Coast feed") [oh, so the entire episode included various gimmicks used by other shows when they are in decline (e.g. 3d, special guests, someone dying, and live feed); the show however was in danger and apparently the episode was written after fox cutting the number of episodes from 22 to 13)]

Franklin on the list
Hahaha. "In the dark it all looks the same" - Tobias
Judge Reinhold
Hahaha. Hahaha. Volunteering opportunity
Hehe. Nichael
Huh... this secret room seems familiar; I wonder if I watched this episode already
Haha. "You comin' out?"
HAHAHA. Buster stops faking and then continues. And then asks for Cartoon Network
William Hung
Smile. Actually married.
Older sister.

Hehe. Gob doesn't recall having an older sister growing up, and Michael points out Lindsay
It does look like a 7, and it would be a horrible way to print a 2, but I'm guessing the bit will somehow be that it is a 2.
On a different note, the area above is able to print very fine resolution letters for the graphic and yet it prints out the text using much larger dots...
Three openings
Haha. Rules. A callback
Haha. Mental joke. "She has blown them all away" minus "away"
"Finish each other's" "sandwiches"

Smile. Not a faker.
hahaha. "Now imagine the impact if that had turned on right when we turned on the tv."
Smile. Scrapbooking sting.
"Up yours, Gmen"
Hehe. No alcohol.
Hehe. "35" instead of "40"
Hahaha. Conversation with taxi driver (twist: LAX)
Smile. "take my picture, take my picture"
Wow. The entire story arc on George Bluth in Iraq goes back to the CIA hiring him (which his dad has beeing saying)
Is that to imply they might have met the real Saddam? [oh, the joke is "I'm No Scar. Dot com." which is a reference to "I'm Oscar. Dot com"; the two differ by one letter; Fox had actually built fake sites for viewers to go to and was a mirror of]

Smile. "Don't buy" moved up to "Risky" [The scale is "SELL!" "DON'T BUY" "RISKY" "CONSIDER" "SAMPLE" "OPPORTUNITY" "BUY" "BUY NOW!")
Ha! "He'll be fine."
Is this a rehash of an existing episode. I thought they already tried to sell shares. [Yes, in S2E08]
Ha. "I don't know. 53 weeks."
"Drama Development" by Rita
Pausing and reading the article, it mentions "Funke Fever," "walk on water," and a dig at the Bluth family ("not exactly known for their ability to perceive the truth let alone tell it")
Though they're looking at each other and there's actually several seamen between them
George Micahel took the yahct. Is it gonna go back to S1E1?
Hehe. Twelve percent.
HAHAHAHA! "But my real name is 'Hello'"
Holy moly. Revenge
Ron Howard makes a cameo: "No, I, uh -- I don't see it as a series. Maybe a movie."
[This episode was titled "Development Arrested"]

Nice. Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen as younger Lucille and George Sr.
Hehe. Like the Grinch.
Hehe. When they show scenes from earlier seasons they have to have a light watermark reading "Property of Twentienth Century Fox" (because this season is by Netflix)
Hahaha. He was trying to kiss her and she fainted from tilting her head
Hehe. Narrator makes fun that while the story picks up directly from the end of Season 3, the characters are all older [about five years older].
Haha. Buster doesn't play along with Lucille
Smile. "Barry's three tries"

Ha. "Ann" + "And.." joke repeated
HAHAHA. "I don't want these."
Haha. Unzipping of nightsack
Buster naked
Chuckle. "I don't want these."

1a: hahahaha comical timing: "you look like I feel." "what? gay?"
1a: hahahaha she mentions material things and tosses out what includes a picture of Maeby, and puts back something likely materialistic
1a: hehe. I didnt catch that ANUSTART as the reason they were saying ANUS TART I could only see it as A NU START.
1a: haha "no, it wasn't a cow. it was just a tourist"
1b: Resume at the 9 minute mark
1b: Hahaha. Hahaha. "How do I learn?" "Look at the spelling." Hahaha. That's too funny.
1b: Hahahaha. "For 2000 rupees, we'd both go down on Matthew McConaughey." (This was funny even before the narrator says that "two thousand rupees was $36")
1b: Hahaha. The camera zooms out to show that Maeby is actually there

Hehe. Blowing smoke into Buster's mouth. That's such a minimal amount of smoke being exhausted... With that being said... the third time it was funny cause it interrupts him speaking
Hehe. She gets to the one which appears to be a gift from George Michael, gut she interprets it as he laid claim to it; also it appears to be an ashtray

Holy shit. I only just noticed that Lindsay's shaman (in this flashback) is Maeby. I'm guessing Maeby followed her parents to India and intentionally found a moment to fool her mom. It's possible she had a hand in her dad returning as well

Hehe. Michael just hops in the shower with his son
Haha! "If you get assaulted by a guard..."
Sad but funny. Did he get four votes against him?
Hehe. George Michael started writing "Dad" but then scratched it out and wrote "Michael"

Hehe. Him stepping out and being part of the crowd
Fountain Valley China Garden
Smile. Tobias got a callback for The Big Bang Theory
Ron never graduated
Haha. Kissing experiment.
Hahahahaha. "Make me cry." "You're a terrible mother."

A working hand but oversized

hahaha. I thought she would have coincidentally agreed regarding "a nu start" but that was a good punchline. ("Did you see my straight bait movie of the same name?")
huh I didn't recognize Steve Holt. Even thought it might be a different actor until I read it is the same actor and the drastic change is intentional by makeup changes and the like
haha. window instead of two way mirror
hehe "God help that kitten"

huh this episode goes back in time to elaborate on the George Michael in college story branch.
I can't believe he declined a 150K job relative to 0.
"formula" was funny as George Michael gets caught up with explaining... I wonder if I ever did the same. probably similar
Spanish woman is pregnant likely implying George Michael has a son


Hahaha. They found a great new way to make use of "Bob Loblaw" name joke. Love it
Oh, I see. I assumed the Opie Awards in the other episode was somehow a reference to himself but I didn't completely get it. In this seen with "never be good as the original" it came together in my mind. Ron Howard portrayed Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show.
Hahahaha. "Oh gee... I think it's a lot more fun if we see her die."
Haha. "Brian's got two boys."
Hehe. Romance cliches played out

Hehe. MRI
Hahahaha. That was such a good delivery. (Conan O'Brien telling Andy not to speak because the audience would think Andy is dumb)
1=20240113 AM

Ha! He actually was careful not to say "analrapist"
Hahahaha. "Mr. F" plays
Hehe. The sheep in one of the photos
1=20240113 AM

S4E15 "Locked and Loaded"
Hahaha. Gob was thinking about popping off the cap on the broken counter and then twists the cap off
Hahaha. "Does anybody ever fall for that?"
Hahahahahaha. "And she never saw the license plate."

S4E16 "Mixed Messages"
Same as his song ("Gentlemen start your engines")
Hahaha. This series of lies is a good bit

S4E17 "Dire Straights"

S4E18 "Turning on Each Other"

S4E19 "Fast Company"
Hahaha. They voted different. One and a half versus one and a half
Hahahaahahaha. Hahahahahaha. "He's 22 but looks 16" as the scene shows all the sex offenders converging on the car
Hahahaha. Everyone disappears by the time the kid surfaces
Hehe. "Maybe it's a tv show."
Haha. "No?"
He. Smile. He sees the picture of George Michael.
Ha! "You're out of the movie." (this is funny cause I thought he would have said that after she signed, but it was delayed until this instead)
HAHA! "Take to the sea!"
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S4E20 "Cinco de Cuatro I"
Haha. Wrong hand to punch portrait
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S4E21 "Cinco de Cuatro II"
Hehe. They're painting SITWELL on the stairs
Hehe. Tobias comments "That red-haired lady can't throw her wad at that guy." Unknowingly commenting about his wife Lindsay.
"Major Mongolion beef."
Hehe. "And the Oscar goes, too."
Hahaha. "Pardon the mess. I just blue myself for the first time in five years."
Huh. Wasn't even a big bomb... Seems the people on the Love boat would have been fine.
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S4E22 "Cinco de Cuatro III"
Hehe. Gob's response to Ann sleeping with Tony Wonder
Hehe. The fact that she has a child with him should have been enough proof. Yet Gob wants to record him performing a straight act.
Hahaha! George-Michael questions Michael about the photo booth. "How'd you know about the photo booth?"
Interesting end to the season.
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S5E01 "Family Leave"
Very chill. "Ciao." "Bella."
Hahaha. "Long-term brains."
Ha! The camera pans out to Michael holding red hair.
Smile. The cop recognizes "ANUSTART" as "a new start"
Ha. "Love you."
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S5E02 "Self-Deportation"
Huh. Maeby knew.
Hehe. Awkward exchange between Gob and George Sr.
I'm so hungry I could eat.
Haha! "Okay, that is a clever twist."
Huh. They made this twist in the story seem too simple. Just everyone came back (except George-Michael). That is. It seemed nothing got resolved. [the next episode begins to go into explaining]
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S5E03 "Everyone Gets Atrophy"
Hahaha. Quicken.
Hahahahahaha. Hahaha. Michael defends himself and George-Michael does a little move himself
1=20240204 (Main Account)

S5E04 "An Old Start"
Maeby pretending to be an old woman is great

S5E05 "Sinking Feelings"
Haha. That is one dirty cop.
Hahaha. "Shh. Don't tell mom. What?"
Smile. "on your way out of the family"

S5E06 "Emotional Baggage"

S5E07 "Rom-Traum"
Hehe. Buttons
Haha! "If you want to see a real man, you're going to." "I know. I just didn't want you to see me with him."

S5E08 "Premature Independence"
Smile. The quietist band
Smile. "I never got the chance to tell him. It's over."

S5E09 "Unexpected Company"
Hehe. Maeby identifies him as "Gay Gob"

S5E10 "Taste Makers"
Haha. "White glue that the family sniffs together."
Ha. g-mail and Mailer-Daemon
Interesting. We learn what happened to Tony Wonder

ah! in the other episode they were thinking about the tandem bike and I didnt know how they would make it work since opposite legs were attached... now I know
hehe Gob is turned ungay just from Ann's mom
where did they get the bluth car from?

haha dusty's advice resulted in receinving 3 million to remove shame. lol
HAHA! which Anne Hathaway character are you
hehe 3 times he got Catwoman
oh Dusty said they have to give it back
hehe "I dont want to" Debrie begins unbuttoning for the group hug

haha the guilty guys just running the bill. evidence to debunk Jack (earlier Ann). funny thing is they're technically hired to free Buster not solve a crime

ha! Dusty throws a rock into the ocean and Lucille says "what are you doing no one's even swimming out there"
hehe Dusty's so rich he has a first floor staff and second floor staff

hahaha the twist to the joke "so I hear..." "I cannot even get past the logo"
hahahahaha hahahaha "I'll tell you something else that never gets old. oops I'm under oath"
that logic doesn't make sense. the past does not dictate the future
Murphybrown to save the day

ha "never say that. gob is the worst"
lol wtf. I didn't see that coming. Tony Wonder and Gob
oh... I didn't realize Michael and George Michael and Gob were all in on selling fakeblock to the chinese
oh I guess they were all in on it; they explain Murphybrown's software didn't quite work
the foot was not a threat but ordered by Buster
wow. dark ending. buster admits to killing Lucille Austero, he ends up being the murderer his grandmother thought he would be (well plus the fact that he did push his grandmother down the stairs the first time so he was in fact already a murderer), he tried to hide the evidence in the cement... exactly as gob said he had skills to hide anything... pretty neat albeit dark end to the series.

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