A Monster in Paris (2011)

While not the best animation I've seen, A Monster in Paris is full of charm and had its moments.

In particular, I loved the movie's songs.

If the movie had any major flaw, it'd be the weak development between certain characters. However, it's hard to pack such detail into a children's film and I'd easily sweep that flaw under the rug.

Lucille (Vanessa Paradis)

Overall, I'd recommend the film to anyone who enjoys films with singing (e.g. most classic Disney films, Anastasia). However, be a bit more reserved to recommending it as a children's film. For whatever reason, in that broader genre, I'd say the movie is a bit like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009).

Raoul (Fr:Gad Elmaleh / En:Adam Goldberg)


Instant Comments:
"[...] You'll have plenty of time to woo Maude when you get back."

Maud (Fr:Ludivine Sagnier, En: Madeline Zima) and Emile (Fr:Sebastien Desjours, En: Jay Harrington)

"How's it going with that sketch?"
I like how they recap his point of view
"Rauol, if we die I'll kill you." "Okay."

"Oh my God!" "Oh, my goods!"
Ha, the helium.
"You still have it right?"

Credits: Three people in jail, two singing and one frustrated of their singing.

Watched 20160822 (Netflix, Instant) (English audio)
A Monster in Paris* (2011) Bibo Bergeron. 90 min
*Un monstre a Paris (French, original title)

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