The Little Prince (2015)

I watched a film adaptation of Le Petit Prince when I was a kid - probably The Little Prince (1974). My mom rented it from the library.

The Fox (James Franco) and the Little Prince (Riley Osborne)

In any case, I absolutely loved this version of the film. It took an already great story and gave it even more depth. The decision to mix media (3D animation with stop-motion animation) was also appealing.

The Little Girl (Mackenzie Foy)

Overall, The Little Prince is one of those movies that just immediately places itself in my list of favorite films, right next to Little Miss Sunshine (2006) and Moonrise Kingdom (2012); all three warm my heart.

The Aviator (Jeff Bridges)

Needless to say, I would highly recommend the film to just about anyone.


Having loved this movie so much, I told my friend that we had to see it together.

The Little Prince and the King (Bud Cort)

The first surprise for me as I watched was finding the various snippets and/or details which I had somehow missed during my first viewing.

The Conceited Man (Ricky Gervais)

The second surprise, though, was the detail my friend would find despite it being her first viewing. In particular, when the little girl is sorting pennies and pricks her finger and the camera shows a close-up of the object, she astutely identified it as a sword.

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20210124 Comment:
A few weeks ago, I watched this movie with my wife and kid. My wife and I shed tears when the old man was being rushed to the hospital and she's telling him not to leave.

I'm not sure about previous viewings but on this viewing I was definitely made aware of the analogy between him having to leave (die) and The Little Prince having to do the same. Early on the story, the girl isn't aware of what the old man leaving means. It's implied that he passed away by the end of the film, but she's able to close her eyes and hear him laughing. It's such a sweet film.
Instant Comments:
1,2: "Do you have a driver's license?"
1: "You're wrong. I care about it as much as I care about you."

The Mother (Rachel McAdams) and the Little Girl

1: Yay, retrieved!
1: Aww. That's so sad when she chases after him in the hospital. My eyes got a bit teary.
1: "Do you know how to fly a plane?"
1: Smile: the fox stomps on a foot but it doesn't have any effect. 2: Oh no, my friend missed this part!

The Little Girl and the Aviator

1: This movie is so magical. What a great retelling of The Little Prince.
1: Aww: When she starts crying at the end at his hospital bed. Tearier than before.
1=20160809, 2=20160901

Ah, as I thought, it was Ricky Gervais [20211225: this read "Ah. I thought it was Ricky Gervais" and I think the punctuation must be wrong, because he was the voice of a character, so I fixed it]
The credits scroll down instead of up. It gives the feeling of rising up through the night sky.

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The Little Prince (2015) Mark Osborne. [bot novella otsn (1943) by Antoine de Saint-Exupery]

The Little Prince (Riley Osborne)

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