Monkey Trouble (1994)

Released 19940318.
Watched once before in theaters.
Watched 20150226 (Netflix, Instant)
Monkey Trouble (1994) Franco Amurri.

Eva (Thora Birch) and Dodger (Finster)
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A Capuchin monkey trained as a pickpocket runs away from his owner in search of the owner's son.

Azro (Harvey Keitel) and Dodger
Instead he finds a young girl named Eva and they become friends. Of course, her step-father is allergic and she has to keep the monkey a secret. All the while, the original owner is still searching for the monkey, because he and his monkey - prior to the monkey running away - had been hired for a robbery.

Today I watched a movie I once saw as a kid. While the movie has its cute moments, it's probably not as impressive to me now as it was when I was a kid. With that being said, the (monkey) tricks are necessarily impressive and I consistently enjoyed the second half of the film.

Eva goes to the library to research about her new monkey.
Instant Comments:
"Come on mom, just shoot 'im."
The monkey left a note.
Oh kids. One moment they're best friends and the next thing that comes out of her "best" friend's mouth is "You're not my friend anymore."
Hehe, primary place of research (the library) before the existence of

Dodger covers his nose upon entering a bathroom that has just been used.
"A whole dollar!"

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